Tuesday, November 26, 2019


There have been a few eliminations from the list of eight 'Old Favorites'.   These are the three which made the first cut.
Printed out each picture, drew sketches of two and midway thru the third sketch decided I didn't want to hook that one now anyway ~ so down to two.  Am still wanting to hook it one day but not right now.

Just one drawing was enlarged but not on linen yet.  Maybe I'll do that over the weekend.  Question of the day..... which of these three would you choose.



  1. Sheep or whale - I love the sheep, but me being meeee :-) would have to change it up just a tad. I always admire your decisions though so would be curious as to your take on either one.

  2. I would choose the whale...but after seeing Caroline and Tanya work on the sheep, that is a tough call.
    Happy Thanksgiving :)

  3. Good luck in your choice. Happy Thanksgiving too! Janice

  4. Alas, I can actually comment again! I choose the sheep. Not living near a large body of water, I’m notreallydrawnto whales. Happy Thanksgiving .


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