Wednesday, November 20, 2019

What Next?

Oh my but I'm getting the shakes as I need to decide on which project will be on my frame next.  Hooking is done with Oh Glorious Day and Friendship Bells so only binding is left on those.  That boring task can be done at my son's house while sweet Daughter-in-love peruses ads for Black Friday sales at local stores for her late night entertainment.  

The only hooking project happening right now is the small Winter Blooms design by Tonya Robey.  As you can see there is precious little hooking space left.
In the wings is Over the Moon design which is ready to go but am unsure if I want to hook another design by someone else again or an antique adaptation.  
Sheesh, my heart skipped a beat just typing those words 'antique adaptation'.  Perhaps tomorrow I'll peruse my antique rug photos and think about what to hook next.  Will it be the ready to go Over the Moon or some antique adaptation for me to draw?  Stay tuned.

Saundra ~ 


  1. I so do love the colors of the rug featured today! Janice

  2. You are a hoot! Decisions decisions:-)

  3. At rate you hook you should hook a room size rug! You would have it done in no time.

  4. Decisions,,, oh my,, wish I had some inspiration,,,
    Need to finish 3 or more! Mats ,,,,
    A long runner is first tofinish, ,,,
    Need to tidy up my hooking room first!
    Have fun deciding,,,,

  5. You are a hooking machine!!!
    Winter blossoms is so sweet.

  6. I agree that you should do room size rugs because of your speed!


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