Sunday, December 8, 2019

Holiday Themed Old Rugs

Will start out with some antique Christmas rug photos I've collected but don't think I have many.  Recently discovered this early 20th century piece from a Maryland collection.  Dimensions are 19 x 35.5.  
One we are all familiar with is the antique Santa and Deer rug.  A lot of us, including me, have hooked it.  
No date or other information but this Santa looks like he is ringing  Christmas Bells.
No Santa, but this rug from the Kellogg Collection looks cozy with the red outline, pine trees in the snow and full moon.  Wonderful hit and miss border.
Barbara E. Merry also hooked her version of Santa.
Another by Barbara Merry is the Maple Sap collecting rug.  Again  no Santa but has the spirit of the season.
Goodness but BEM was a prolific hooker.  I envision this couple riding to their friends house with freshly baked Apple Pie and Christmas Cheer.  Hmm as an after thought and years ago by perhaps it would have been fruit cake?  I hate fruit cake, lol, but love applesauce cake, banana nut bread, zucchini bread and that type.
This rug of the boy and dog was listed for $1,295 on ebay despite all its damage.  It was hooked in the 1800's and measures 19 x 38.  I have always liked this rug.
Off to church they go ~ not really an antique since it was hooked 1940 but is a worthy of showing.
Wow, found more holiday inspired rugs for this post than I thought.



  1. I have wanted to do the cabin with the wide border for every I just need to do it.

  2. Wonderful rugs. I have a small hooked piece of a sleigh etc and love it.

  3. These were so much fun to see ...Love them !

  4. Fun rugs. One of these days I WILL hook Santa and deer!!!

  5. Hi Saundra,
    Lots of fun rugs but I especially love Barbara Merry's and the Santa and deer!! Always fun rug shows!!!
    Enjoy your hooking time, my friend!
    Heart Hugs~
    Julie xo


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