Thursday, May 28, 2020

Flashback Thursday

Cannot believe it has been 7 years since this class with Betsy Reed November 2013.  As this is the flash drive with BIG issues I will not be able to crop photos or I will lose them as I did a rug hooked by Janet Reid recently.  So forget about all the empty wall space and enjoy the activity in the photo.

This is a rug in progress by Betsy which I titled as American Cats Adaptation.
Betsy showed us her patchwork backing for animals and hearts.  I was particularly attached to this gold heart not only for the wide cut but also the brassy old gold color.  
This is an example of the patchwork back which she does with animals, hearts and pillows.  Think of those small or odd shaped pieces of wool used for applique, quilting, etc.  Now you can use them for backing.
Here are a few of her other adorable items which for which she sells patterns.  OOOOH, love that cat and bunny Too.
I also thought Betsy's cat and mouse was cute.  I have a template of each of them but still haven't hooked it yet.  Betsy's was finished with a braided edge.
In this class is where I first saw the very primitive binding which I've done on a pillow and small mat, it was love at first sight.  This was by Betsy but I also purchased her pattern.
And a closer view.
Betsy's class busy on the far side of the room.
And our table with Phyllis (in red) sitting beside me and pal Deb across from me.  Aww, and there's dearly departed Janice Russell chatting with Deb..
It is always a delightful class with Betsy as the teacher also in class was Norma Batastini.  Perhaps Norma came to check out the camp as a future teacher and play with wool like the rest of us.  

At class I asked Norma if I could post a photo of the rug she was hooking.  She said, "no because it is a gift to my son and don't want him to see it on he internet before he receives it".  I honored her request then, but it is now 7 years later and am sure he has received it.
This rug was huge and really attractive with the colorful hand torn wool by Sarah Guiliani.  This has inspired me to hook a circles purse one day.
Sadly I missed the April camp at The Dunes this year due to the Corona-virus but am hoping the November class will go as scheduled.  This would be the view outside the hotel.  All rooms face the ocean, mmmm, I can smell the salt air now...can you Deb?


  1. I have hooked Betsy Reed's Bunnies & a carrot , they were fun to do & used scraps of wool to patch their back side ….looks so cute .Love her primitive way to bind a rug too ! She sells beautiful wools.
    Hope you can go to the November rug camp , the view looks wonderful !!! Nothing like being near the ocean !

  2. You captured some great memories, Saundra. I love those patchwork finishes!! That must be where Lauren learned the technique. And I love the wool colors of the heart as well. The Dunes looks wonderful. Where, exactly, is that? ~Robin~

  3. The patchwork back iscool. Have seen it before. Wonderful rugs where memories were made. Janice

  4. fingers crossed you get to go to camp I have one left in Oct but there are noises of it being canceled ugg. Such sweet pieces.

  5. Hopefully your camp will be a go. I, too, have one in September that was rescheduled from April. Email just came out today that Rug Week at Sauder (mid August) has been cancelled. This virus sucks and we can thank China...who is NOT our friend.

  6. Great memories!! Wow,,,, such a pretty spot,,,, sure hope it happens!
    Great mats , too,,,,
    Stay well,,,,
    Working on my cats paw, which looks like flowers!

  7. Hi Saundra,
    This looks like it was such a fun camp and happy you have the photos and memories to go with them!!! I have seen that patch technique and also have a wonderful pumpkin from Lauren where she used it for the back!!! I really love the first rug and also love Betsy's wool and used some of it in my recent hooked rug!!
    I so hope you will be able to attend camp and enjoy that ocean air and view, too!!
    Take care my friend!
    Heart Hugs~
    Julie xo


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