Saturday, May 9, 2020

What Rug/Mat are You Most Proud Of?

I have many 'favorites', mostly related to memories of camp camaraderie and my teacher.  The rug I'm most proud of can't be narrowed down to just one, but rather two.

For those of you who followed my blog for a while it should come as no surprise that one of those rugs is Rottweiler Memorial of my departed Shumba and Panzer.  Not only did I capture their likeness but feel their spirit when I look at it.

Another reason I'm proud of that piece is because I'm a wide cut hooker who, at that time, hooked with #8 cut.  Now my go to strip size is #8.5 and higher.  The Rottweiler Memorial was hooked with #3 strips for the dogs and #5 for the background.  Hated the #3 so much I refused to do the background in that size too.  

Also I've a sense of pride in accomplishing what I thought impossible of me and proved to the people who said 'wide cut primitive hookers aren't real hookers' ARE real hookers.  Now I've nothing to prove to them or me.
Here is the photo from which the pattern was designed.
The other rug I'm quite proud of is one I had no clue how to color plan and was scheduled to hook it in a class with Barb Carroll ~ that is until I had to drop out of class as my ex was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer and could not come take care of my boy Ben.  This was about a week before camp and couldn't find a kennel to take a Rottie.  Of course I was sad to hear the diagnosis and my missing camp and staying home with Ben was minor compared to the devastating news.  In case you're wondering, my ex is still walking and breathing due to his continued healthy lifestyle but does still have cancer; we email often.

That second rug I'm quite proud of is Gossip, a pattern given to me by friend Deb, designed by Bill Laraway, and sold by Woolley Fox.  My friend Deb accidentally purchased the same pattern twice and didn't know until organizing her rug hooking closet.  Below is the original design.
Deb was working on hers at one of the Barb Carroll camps we attended and I snapped this photo of her work in progress, little did I know that in a year or so I'd have the same pattern.  Deb hooked the motifs on the side similar to a Magdalena Briner leaf.
Even tho I could not attend camp with my gal pals I decided to go with my plan on hooking Gossip the week everyone else was having fun with Barb and do the color planning myself.  What the hell to do now?

Upon studying the design those tiny shapes other than birds just weren't me and didn't care to hook them like drawn.  And, I could go for the leaf look too... or would I????  So it was then it all came together for me!  If I hooked that big top bird (think crow) in black and instead of making those side and bottom motifs leaves, what about feathers?  Thought was it would provide a very dark framing of sorts.  

On my own to color plan and a little re-draw here and there I'm quite pleased with the outcome with having no one else's help.  So proved to myself I can (sometimes) color plan on my own successfully.
Notice at the bottom left I hooked a heart ~ that was for my ex who is still in my heart.

A question to you who read my blog ~ do you have a rug you are most proud of?  If so I would LOVE for you to share the picture with me.



  1. Both of these rugs are beautiful Saundra ….you really did capture your fur babies , I remember you even incorporated some of their fur ! Very special rugs !!
    Have a Happy Mother's Day Saundra !

  2. These are true beauties Saundra! You already know how amazed I am with the memorial rug...but "Gossip" is equally gobsmucking....I love ALL your changes...especially the feathers...WOW! What a beautiful change. Hmmm....I had to ponder that question of yours a good long while....I guess all I could think about saying was that my favorite rug is the one I haven't hooked yet LOL. But I did think back and I guess there is one that stands out for me....not for all the poignant reasons your two favorites do, but a "favorite" nonetheless. I will have to dig it out and take a photograph. I'm due for a "mish-mash" post soon anyways LOL. ~Robin~

  3. Your Rottie rug should have top honors. It is amazing. Those feathers on Gossip are pretty amazing, too.
    I, too, have many favorites, but never thought about ones I am most proud of.
    Happy Mother's Day.

  4. Both of these mats are amazing,,,,
    Wow!!! Works of art!!!
    I have a few favorites,,,, most of the ones I love are deanne patterns,,,, which is my inspiration!
    However I, am still fond of primitives!,!
    Have done a few primitives over the years,,,, and still love them so much!
    I can switch off and on,, do a primitive style wnd then do a colorful mat using, yarns, sari and lots of crazy stuff,!
    My fav would be the big pattern I bought from deanne in 2009 ,,,, called houses and flowers,,,, my biggest mat,,,,
    I have it hanging in my hooking room,,,,,

  5. Hi Saundra,
    I think you have so many rugs to be proud of, but can understand your choices!! The memorial rug is just amazing and so beautifully hooked and I know how special that one is to you!! Your second favorite is also such a lovely rug and those feathers really make it, in my humble opinion!!
    As to my favorite rug, well, since I have only hooked 6 to date, I would have to say ALL of them are my favorites, for many reasons!! My first was a small pumpkin mat kit by Kris Miller and is special because it was my very first rug/mat! Next was another Kris Miller kit of a sheep and was the first time I hooked circles, so I was pretty proud of that!! Then came a kit by Mary Johnson/Designs In Wool of a pretty flower grouping and was my only time hooking on Monks cloth!! Not a bad experience, but found I really prefer linen and so that was a great lesson!
    4th rug was actually drawn on linen and I chose and cut the wool! It was also my largest to date! It is Bird and Tulips by Wheaton Woolens!! 5th rug was a pattern from a friend that I traced on linen myself and totally color planned it myself! It is an antique adaption rug called Bird and Clover, I believe, also my largest to date! My final rug is one I just finished yesterday and is my largest to date!
    It is by Terri Leamer of Winter Cottage Studio and is called The Homestead and I just really love this one!! I'm actually going to do a blog post on it today and hope you will stop by to see it!!! Many reasons I am proud of it, but as I said earlier, I am so proud of each one for different reasons and am so very happy to have learned this amazing hand craft!! Thanks for being so inspiring in all you do and share and I hope that others will want to learn how! It truly is so worth it!!
    Hope you have a Wonderful Mother's Day, too!!!
    Heart Hugs~
    Julie xo

  6. You should be proud of that rug amazing. I do have a loon rug I love and I had lots of help color planning I think that is what I need more instruction.

  7. My favorite is usually whatI am working on at the moment.


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