Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Vintage Rug Show

Let's do this again, show of old rugs.  Below is a Canadian hooked floral hooked early 20th century.  Sadly the people had it stored folded up, you can see the memory of the fold in the rug still.  Don't store your rugs folded, instead roll them with the wool loops outward.  This rug measures 22 x 38.
Two dogs facing has appealing colors, to me anyway.  No date or dimensions were provided.
The Eagle rug appears to have been stored folded too, a definite no-no as it stresses the foundation and puts permanent 'remembered' shape.  It measures 23 x 35 and no date provided on age.
 Hooked 1890 Folk Art animal runner measures 28.5 x 86.
For Lauren is this Pug rug dated 1898.  From the Kaprick Bluethantal collection it measures 23 x 40.5.
The auction house described this Lion rug as being hooked and shirred  but it looks more like proddy to me.  Hooked mid 19th century and measures 34 x 38.
Large red flowers, wool and cotton hooked between 1880-1920 measures 21 x 38.5.
I've already have my next project planned when Early Bird is finally done.  Hope your Tuesday is nice ~ sure doesn't feel like almost June as I'm wearing a sweat shirt and sweat pants instead of shorts.



  1. Beautiful rugs. I guess I don't know what "proddy" is (not surprising I know.) Also, have to see if I missed something as to your creative license on the Early Bird:-)

  2. We have our air on. Love seeing these old rugs. I like the dog one too! Janice

  3. My favorite of this group would have to be the two dogs. They sort of remind me of our little Casper. The colors in the top rug are really lovely and rich. It has cooled off a bit here and is rainy. That's okay, I needed a little break from yard work. Did I say that????

  4. Great mats,,,
    Too bad about the folds,
    Those rugs with animals have so much character,,,,
    Love them
    So hot here!! Yikes,,,,
    Too much too soon,,,

  5. Oh...I love that folk art animal runner to pieces!!! Sweatshirt, eh? We actually had several warm days here...humid with storms, but I did brave a pair of shorts twice! Beginning again tomorrow, though, it is going to cool off again....I heard highs in the 50's....don't want to know what the lows are going to be LOL. ~Robin~


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