Sunday, May 17, 2020

Early Bird Update

Had intended to post an update yesterday but it was grass cutting day and laundry needed to be done.  By the time those chores were completed all I wanted to do was sit and hook.  And, sad to say I've been a couch potato all day and worked on Early Bird.  You'd think I'd be done with it by now but nope.  

Early Bird is adapted from the artwork of Lori Brechlin and sold as a rug hooking pattern by Spruce Ridge Studios.  This is what it looks like now.
Remember that 'glitch' I spoke about in a previous post?   This is what I was referring to ~ the tail feathers.  Kris' hooked version starting with brown and ended with black.  But I had a space open and since I was already stressed for losing a beautiful photo blew the issue out of proportion and stopped working on it...uh briefly.
When I went back to the rug all I did was rip out the black, moved it up in the space and hooked a bottom row of brown; no big deal Saundra, what was all the fuss about..duh?  It was losing the photo of Janet Reid's beautiful rug.  But thanks to a friend I've acquired a replacement.

Back to Early Bird....another thing I did was pull out the more intense orange and replaced it with the softer version of the same color.  See below when I showed you my options in the beginning of this project.
AND....another thing 😁 I pulled out the yellow beak and replaced it with the textured you see in the first photo.  

For those who are wondering, I'm using #8.5 strips except for that white around the eye.  I've more work to do before attacking the words as I'd like to get the background done before tackling the bottom.  

In a couple days I'll post a photo of my bound Cat's Paw so if any one is working on one and would like me to share it on my blog, please send me a photo.  If you would like to start a new project during this 'stay at home' time check out my initial INVITATION.

It was a breezy and cooler Sunday than yesterday but suspect that when the heat is turned on outside it will crank up big time.  Hope all of you stay safe and are feeling well.



  1. Your bird is coming along. I am glad you got a replacement for the lost photo. We are blackfly season right now so gardening and anything outside is almost impossible.

  2. Oh, this is looking spectacular Saundra! Your loops are amazingly even!! I love the change in beak colors....wish I were better at colors. Really struggling with my newest much I even hesitate to call it a "start." Going back to stitching for a bit methinks. ~Robin~

  3. Your colors are perfect, especially the "robin's egg" blue!

  4. Love the tweaking you did ….those little details make it pop !

  5. Love your early bird. Can’t we just drive ourselves crazy over the smallest things!


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