Sunday, May 31, 2020

You Asked, I'll Answer...

..What's next?  This is what's on my frame now; an antique adaptation 
A couple years ago I tried a technique on Lady the Donkey, which was also an antique adaptation.  I love how it turned out but wanted to try the technique then realized the donkey was not the right subject for such a challenge.
Here is the original antique, but of course I wanted my donkey in different colors.  With the bridle being hooked with antique paisley thought the donkey looked quite the lady....thus the name.
With all the negativity on social mediums, with people being bused in for rioting and demolishing businesses and lives, I've chosen to stay off and keep myself in a calmer place by doing what makes me happy.  There was NO reason George Floyd should have died that day and the bad officer hopefully will be convicted of murder.  But that doesn't give license to anyone to destroy what is already crippled state(s) and its people.



  1. Well...this is going to be interesting - I am not familiar with Carole Weatherman. I love your interpretation of Lady!! She is perfect!! And the background looks like a soft watercolor painting. You're right, we all have a natural hooking rhythm...mine is quite low...which is another reason I struggle with the wider cuts I think. Yes, our country has gone NUTS. I don't think there is anyone who doesn't agree that what happeneed to George Floyd was horrific...and, yes, people have the right to protest....but this CRAP that is hapapening really has nothing to do with what happened to him. It's disgusting. And these people terrorizing our cities are the same ones who a few days ago wouldn't leave their homes because they were afraid of the virus. Just have to shake my head. ~Robin~

  2. I will have to look her up I have never heard of her either. I tend to hook lower than I should. We have not watched the news in a month or more we put the tv on every couple of days to catch the weather or look it up on the computer. I feel more peaceful since we stopped watching.

  3. Loving the start of ur mat,,,
    Going to be fun,,,
    Not watching much news either,,, so sad,,,
    Cooler here for awhile and getting gardening, , done!

  4. Hi Saundra,
    Love your new rug and it will be fun to see how you progress!! I remember once going to a Hook In and had someone comment that they wondered if my hooking was too high, and then said they weren't really a hooker so what did they know anyway?? I try to keep my loops the same height as the width, but actually think I am more of a "packer" and hook tight, so you are right about everyone having a certain rhythm and style!! I LOVE your Lady rug and know your new one will be a winner too!! My heart is just so sickened by all that is going on in our country right now and I spend LOTS of time praying! Only God can heal this mess!!!
    Take care and keep positive by doing what you love!!!
    Heart Hugs~
    Julie xo

  5. Love how you are hooking your new rug ...I tend to pack my loops in too . Can't wait to see how you do all the wonky circles around the flower.
    It is so sad to think we have stepped back into the 60's & 70"s ….listening to some of the music back then feels like we have forgotten how far we had come. With so many bi-racial families ,it is just very sad .

  6. What is happening in this country is so very sad. Like you said,George Floyd should not have died, but what is looting and burning buildings accomplishing? It's just an excuse for abhorrent behavior. Thankfully, the protests yesterday in my small city were peaceful.


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