Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Vintage Rugs

Antique rugs make my heart skip a beat.  Here are a few rugs I've recently found and will share whatever information was available on each.

This lovely rug from the 19th Century was described as a Flower Basket with Brackets on dark field which measures 32 x 59.  Wow, is so perfect it looks like a painting and would be easy to make into a pattern as the lines are crisp.
Just found this Dog and Cherry Trees rug which had been listed with an auction house and sold for $5,500.  Dated late 19th century, it measured  43.5 x 45.5.
This Home Hearth scene is a familiar design for the narrow cut hooker.  I've seen some designs with women facing one another having tea with the same windows and fireplace in the background.  Wonder if it is a Pearl McGowan design.  This one was hooked by Minnie (Nissley) Stehman in 1930 from Ephrata, PA  and measures 38 x 68.
A York, PA Flower Mat measures 15 x 16 ~ this is the front.  
The colors don't seem to have faded much as you can see from the back.
Flowering Tree, Birds and Deer was hooked early 20th Century and measures 37 x 55.  This is the front.
It is secured and backed with part of an American Flag.  Before you condemn the person who hooked this rug years ago for not having any respect for the American Flag, think about a couple things.....
First, the person was using what was available.  The flag was not being stomped on, not being used in protest and think she meant no disrespect.  Perhaps it was a flag of a relative she was preserving along with a part of herself by covering the back of the hooked piece.

Below is a Lion hooked rug.  Yes it may be an old design which might look marvelous when hooked with wool, cotton or textiles used back in the day.  This looks like it was punched with yarn which might be faster to accomplish but I personally do NOT like the look.  
Now compare it to a rug hooked 1880 which appears to be the same design but reversed since it was hooked and not punched.  I far prefer wool hooked rugs.
The rug below is a simple design yet that grey and yellow goes well together.  
This Dog appears to be carrying an Easter Egg Basket.  It was hooked with wool, homespun and maybe even yarn.  It measures 17 x 18.
This is the reverse side of the rug.
Can't believe the hurricane season has appeared already with Arthur's winds blowing like crazy the last 3 days.  And the Windy Day pattern still on display at the front door on the sofa table.


  1. Always enjoy your rug shows ….fun to see the backs of the rugs too . The fireplace scene is amazing all the details in it . The flower pot is my fav....they always grab my eye .
    Hope your weather wont be affected by Arthur's winds & rain . Doesn't seem like Memorial Day weekend ….

  2. You find the best antique/vintage rugs. My fav is the Dog and Cherry Trees.

  3. $5500 for a rug? OMG It is a great one though. Not a fan of the yarn rugs either. Janice

  4. Some wonderful ones in this group

  5. Oh....I love the dog and the cherry tree!!! And, you're right, that first one has such crisp lines....must have been done by a meticulous hooker like Lauren LOL.... Hope your weather doesn't turn too wild. We had about a week of wind...then it warmed a bit the past 2 days....and while it's supposed to stay mild for the weekend, we are supposed to have rain and sstorms every day through the holiday. Go figure.~Robin~

  6. Thanks for the show. My favorite is the PA FlowerBasket.

  7. Such great mats,
    Crazy busy at moment, so very behind ,,,,
    Nice weather,,, so super busy,
    Thanks saundra!!


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