Thursday, May 7, 2020


The last loop was pulled on Cat's Paw and now needs binding... 
~ right after I finish tacking down the binding on Windy Day.
In case you're wondering, the dimensions of Cat''s Paw is 15.5 x 24 and drew it myself.  A lot of worms were used in #8 and #8.5.  I invited people to join me and it is never too late.  Here was that POST.

Windy Day was purchased from W.Cushing and the size I ordered was 12 x 22.  Lisanne does offer a larger size if you so desire. 

I've pulled wool for my next project but the old mess needs to be tidied up as I seem to make a rat's nest when I hook.



  1. I love how the cat's paw turned out. It actually reminds me of a cobblestone walk ~ inviting one to walk along it, which is rather the purpose of a rug right? (As opposed to not wanting to step on it:-)

  2. Now didn’t that turn out well! Kudos! It’s in my must do list

  3. wow wonderful rugs both of them you amaze me how fast you are I am still plodding along on my rug. and you have hooked two.

  4. Speedy hooker as always. Great finishes and since on the smallish side, won't take too long to bind.
    Looking forward to what's next. Geez. I say that alot :)

  5. Great Cats Paw. Love all of the colors. Great job! Janice

  6. Great almost-finished finishes Saundra! Love the earthy colors of the cat's paws.... And it is, indeed, a WINDY day here in Nod.... I feel like I could be part of your rug LOL. Happy FriYAY ~Robin~

  7. Such a great mat, saundra!
    Still working on mine,,, and its much smaller!
    Bit by bit,,,

  8. Hi Saundra.
    So happy you completed Cat's Paw and think it is amesome!!! Love all the colors and you sure hooked it fast, as usual for you!! Hopefully by now you are well on your way to finishing the binding!!! I actually got my rug all hooked, bound and hug up, so I am pretty happy about that!!!! It sure feels good to complete a project, doesn't it?
    Take care and always love to see your rugs!!
    Heart Hugs~
    Julie xo


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