Saturday, May 2, 2020

Now What?

I've recently finished the sweet design Windy Day and almost finished hooking the Cat's Paw I drew.  It's getting almost to panic time as I don't know what to hook next.  There are several already drawn patterns in my stash, some PDF patterns I could draw out myself and a couple designs in the making but nothing definitive.  Will show you a few of those patterns.

It would be much easier to hook pattern already here ~ One is Early Bird, designed by Lori Brechlin and purchased from Spruce Ridge Studios
Also have a small version of Mary Comstock's Bed Rug,  a pattern on linen by Frontier Homestead. 
Two others which would be easy choices are Lori Brechlin's Wool Witch PDF.
Or When Pigs Fly, also in PDF format.  Hmm, maybe this one would be more fun in the fall.
Then a design in progress which was started about two weeks ago and I'm frozen in time....the pieces of paper drawings are still laying on top of my table.  I've temporarily lost interest in that although I was totally focused for a while.  Using a phrase from Lauren "I've the attention span of a gnat".

There are also 15 other already drawn patterns in my stash to choose from which won't require drawing out.  I've grass to cut but before that I've limbs and pine cones to pick up after the recent horrid wind.  That will give me time to ponder what will go on my frame when the Cat's Paw is done.

Happy sunny Saturday to you and hoping everyone is well and stays safe.



  1. Your Cat’s Paw went quickly. I would like to do one in the future. I’ve always loved that bed rug pattern. We’ve had wind for several days here in Atlantic Canada. It dries the clothes quickly but leaves me cross.

  2. I vote early bird cute and the right time of year.

  3. Whatever you choose will be wonderful and cannot wait to see it! Janice

  4. I have always liked loris early bird!
    Have those other two patterns from lori , too,,,
    One as rug , one as punch needle!
    Havent been doing any punch needle embroidery, either!
    Stay well,,,,

  5. is no question in my mind.... No matter how "partial" I can be to witches, "Early Bird" has my vote. That's an incredible design! And I have not seen it before. Now how could you possibly go wrong with a Robin??? ;-)


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