Monday, September 28, 2020

Change of Work Tasks

This morning I opened my email to an order for 3 patterns from the same person so that kept me busy for a while.  That will provide a little spending money for upcoming rug camps if and when they finally happen.  
Yet I'm wondering if the rug camp in Ocean City, MD will be cancelled since the unsanctioned H20I car event moved into Ocean City last Friday and over the weekend.  They have been unruly past years with excessive speeds, drag racing, burning rubber and wheelies ~ this year was no exception.  And this is going on down streets where year long residents live.

Extra police were hired to try and control the groups and one officer ended up in the hospital.  Over the weekend there were hundreds of arrests and hundreds of vehicles impounded.  People weren't wearing masks and were gathered in numbers.  So I wonder how that weekend will impact the virus results and chances of November 8th rug camp occurring.

On a good note, the last loop was pulled on Merrie October 31st this afternoon.  I'll take a photo of tomorrow.  Have a great evening and happy hooking.



  1. Gosh,,,,that crazy!! Hope UR camp in Nov a go,,,,

  2. nice to get a little extra spending money. That car gathering sounds like a nightmare.

  3. Looking forward to seeing your finish!
    Fingers crossed that camp is still a go.

  4. Hope you can go to the Hooking Camp & even nicer to get a big order for your patterns !
    Just don't understand why people refuse to wear masks & take Covid seriously !!! UGH !!!

  5. Hi Saundra,
    That extra spending money is always a good thing!!! I hope your camp will still be held, but things are so changeable and that car show sounds like a nightmare!!
    Looking forward to seeing Merrie Halloween!!! I have not picked up my hook since I finished The Homestead rug! It is just too hot for me to even think about hooking, even with AC!! Once it cools off, I want to start another rug...just not sure what!!!
    Take care and stay well!
    Heart Hugs~
    Julie xo

  6. Fingers crossed that you finally can get to a camp. There was a "fall ride" (motorcycles) at the little lake town the weekend before last....crazy nuts.... We just alternated cooking with our friends up there so we didn't have to go "out." ~Robin~


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