Sunday, September 20, 2020

Let's Have Another Rug Show

If life was back to 'normal' I'd be having a glass of wine on the veranda at the Chalfonte Hotel thinking about tomorrow's class.  But that's not happening this year.

This first rug was hooked in the 20th century and measures 24 x 40.   
This rugs looks like confetti but the description on the auction site said it was hooked using cut lace.  It measures 38 x 79 and hooked in the 19th century.  I'd never given any thought of using the lace I had from my doll making days and think I've gotten rid of all of it.  Sure gives an interesting look tho.
A Five Point Star at the center and using soft neutral colors for hit and miss and darker hit and miss border.  Possibly army blanket wool surrounds the star.
I got a chuckle at this obviously yarn needle punched rug depicted as  Don Quixote hunt scene.  I'm not a fan of hooking/punching with yarn but the design got my attention.  BTW, I have hooked with 100% wool yarn on a Claire Murray rug and hated the look so will never hook or punch with yarn again.  The Don Quixote rug measures 33 x 46.
A very nice dog and cat Welcome rug but have not dimensions.  Is said to be hooked in the 1800s. 
Love this old hooked tiger below and the way the hooker used a different texture but same color wool to give dimension in the body.  Said to have been hooked late 19th or early 20th century.
The design below appeals to me with the simple design and colors.  It is a Waterloo County Floral, New Hamburg Canada and measures 20.5 x 41.  Is from the Don Pero Collection.
This is a view of the back so you can compare colors and it doesn't seem to have faded a whole lot.
Okay, one more.... Here is a geometric with crescent shapes plus hit and miss.  It measures 35 x 63 and date was provided.
Well guys and gals the weather here sure does feel like fall.  So far I've refused to turn on my heat despite the temperature dropping the inside temp to 62 degrees last night.  I've watched the thermostat and seems to drop about 3 degrees per night.  But tomorrow is supposed to be a tad warmer so the inside will increase during the day.  

Happy hooking.



  1. I just had an Arnold Horshack moment “Ooo, Ooo that last one looks like fall leaves. If you hurry, you could finish it before autumn is over.” 😁💕🍂

  2. I love those plant pots and the size is perfect! I like larger rugs to work on.

  3. Hi Saundra,
    Always love your rug shows!! So many interesting rugs this time! The one made with lace is so unusual!! It sure is a good lesson about using what you have!! Hope it warms up for you!! We are still in the triple digits during the day so the AC is still on, but thankfully, it is in the 70's in the early am!! So happy about that!!!!! Take care and stay warm my friend!!
    Heart Hugs~
    Julie xo

  4. Oh I do like that Waterloo County Floral, too.
    Dog and Cat Welcome is a fun one!

  5. The waterloo County floral,,,,,wow,,,love it,,,
    Pots of flowers always APPEAL!!! A real beauty,,,
    Too bad about the schools!!!
    2020 is a cancelled year,,,,

  6. Always find it interesting to see who favors what in your rug of the perks of being late to posts LOL. My faves different a bit than the other front runners this time...I'm loving the geometric and the cat and dog welcome ones..... Can't imagine hooking with lace...yikes!! but it does have an interesting affect. Cool (ok, COLD) here....Heat's been on day and night and I am still cold. But we are to have 2 or 3 days in the 70's this week before hell freezes over for good. ~Robin~

  7. It’s hard to choose a favorite here. I love the two dog ones, but am really to the flower pots as well.


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