Wednesday, September 30, 2020

After Hooking Comes Binding

Merrie October is all hooked and needs binding.  Yet it still feels a little unbalanced with the color orange even tho I tried to put some orange in the ground.
Initially I did try introduce fall colors in the leaves but that seemed to distract from the design so decided to make the leaves green.
Have finally bound Jack's Crow...
... and Old Tom still needs binding as well.  Since October comes before Thanksgiving I'll bind Merrie October next despite the fact Old tom was hooked first.  By the way, Old Tom really doesn't look this bright in person.
Happy hooking everyone.



  1. Yay! She's a beaut! I would help you bind if I were there. I actually don't mind binding until I'm about half way around thinking I should be about finished (heehee)

  2. These are all wonderful rugs. Great job! Janice

  3. You could put a single line of orange at the bottom of the witch’s apron.
    But the balance wouldn’t have been noticeable if you hadn’t said something. I like all these but Old Tom is my fav

  4. I truly think Merrie October is one of my most favorite rugs you've hooked....I absolutely love everything about. Congrats on finishing up Jack's Crow.... Me, I guess I slipped down that slippery slope into nothingness....I have not touched a needle, a punch or a hook in weeks. Why does this happen to me???? ~Robin~

  5. Cute finish. Just in time to enjoy it this season, too. Good for you.

  6. Just love merrie October,,,,the others are great,too,,,,
    So fall like,,,,
    Feels like it here now,!

  7. congrats on finishing it, It really is wonderful


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