Sunday, September 13, 2020

Just the Border

All that is left to hook on Old Tom is the border.  Haven't decided which colors to use so thought if I took a photo with wool laid out could make my decision easier.  Below is a photo with a thin cut of the gold used in Tom's legs and some textured used in the wing.

And here is a photo of the gold with a primitive black border.  Think I definitely prefer the black but..... what if I put one row of gold, one row of the texture of wing and then black????

So decided to lay those out.  Hmm, Think I'm leaning toward the gold and black only.  But will see how things shake out as I try and finish this up.

As the three day monsoon has ended I was able to get the grass cut so won't feel guilty spending the rest of the day hooking.  And I am REALLY looking forward to my next project ~ that is unless my passion for something else interferes.  You know how fickle I can be.



  1. I think I like the lower one , I really like reds , so that's probably why ....I wish we would get more rain ....things are so dry here . Nice to get the lawn mowed , now you can relax & hook !!!

  2. I do like either border with the black.
    We got more much needed rain this AM and I should have mowed but it may have to wait until tomorrow. (But it only takes me 35 minutes to mow. I live on a postage sized lot.)

  3. My first choice is the middle one - with just the gold and the black.....second choice would be the last one...with gold/red and black.... I haven't hooked or stitched in over a week? Or has it been 2??? I fell into a good book and forgot to come up for air I guess. Happy Sunday! ~Robin~

  4. I like them both so no help from me. LOL Janice

  5. I like them all - will have to see what you decide.
    And we would be ever so grateful for some of that rain 🌧. The moon is orange, awful to breath, and visibility so low.

  6. Like them all ,TOO!
    Oh my,,,,!!
    Glad u got UR grass cut!

  7. A happy Tom! Collectively with three successful momma turkeys we have over 30 babies this year that visit our yard. Its been fun watching them grow this summer. A benefit of working from home. I like the little bit of red with black and gold; but as you know it will flow when you hook.

  8. I am sure you will figure it out and it will look wonderful. We could use 3 days of rain but not a monsoon. We are so dry here.
    happy hooking

  9. Will be interested in seeing what you chose. Tom turned out great.


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