Tuesday, September 8, 2020

It Is Folk Art .....Right?

Had this Old Tom pattern (design by Lori Brechlin and offered by Spruce Ridge Studios) for a few years now.  Each fall when someone posts a picture of theirs I want to  hook it but usually have something else on my frame.  This year IT is on my frame.

Full disclosure....didn't use the wool I yanked out of Kris' hands at a rug camp planned for the turkey.  While contemplating background color (primitive black) my mind went to brassy gold for Old Tom.  Guess I'm in a 'bold gold' mood.  
Perhaps Old Tom looks more like a Durkey (duck/turkey) but I'm happy. Like I said...it is folk art, right? 

Will hook the letters next, more background and then fiddle with the tail feathers.  The two rows of border will be decided after the letters and tail feathers are done.  I already pulled out and replaced the last row of wing wool and might re-hook it with some of the same dark plaid to define it better.

Happy hooking.



  1. he is a fine turkey and yes folk art and wonderful

  2. I'm liking that background - but you already knew I would right ;-) Perfect timing for the ol' fellow to meet the frame.

  3. Old Tom is looking good. I think he will look much less durkey-ish once he has some tail feathers...lol.
    Are you done yet?

  4. He's awesome!!! Such a fun one,,,,,
    I think I have this in my stash to punch,,,,!!?
    Better check,,,Haven't needle punched for ages,,,
    Perfect timing,Saundra!!

  5. I always have loved this pattern and like seeing how others hook it. Yours is no exception! Janice

  6. Love this quirky guy. Look forward to seeing his tail feathers!

  7. Love him Saundra!! I really love the background you chose....but I am always partial to those dark, antique black, wools. We actually raised what you call "durkeys" on the farm growing up....but we called them turkey ducks. They always confused the heck out of me lOL. ~Robin~


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