Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Once Upon a Time.......

....there was a young boy named Jack.  He and his family lived at the end of nowhere and lived a humble life making do.  That was less inhabited than another place I've heard of called 'the land of Nod'.  But Jack had a happy childhood, was home schooled by his adventurous and inventive parents and enjoyed exploring on his own.  

Most young boys would catch a frog and ask his mom..."can I keep it"?  But Jack befriended a crow and his mom said "yes".  Jack is wearing a pair of brand new pants his mom made from pillow ticking so thought he'd take his pet crow for a walk.
Jack has since grown up and still resides at that end of nowhere land.  He has a fondness for critters large and small, cares for wounded wildlife and even helps with domestic animals for neighbors in the area.  This is a true story told to me by Jack and I'm sticking to it. 

Funny, but this is the story running thru my head as I was hooking the pattern and just had to share it.  The pattern is a design by Terri Leamer so if you want to hook your own Jack's Crow click HERE.  The pattern is offered in pdf format as well as linen.  

I had fun letting my mind wander and the story developed as I was working on the pattern.  Perhaps that is why it was so easy and stress free.  Have fun making up your own story about Jack and his crow.  If you have a blog I'd love for you to tell your story and hope it is in my list of blogs.

Hope you had fun reading the tall tale from a home sequestered crazed rug hooker 😊.  Writing this post was almost as much fun as hooking the pattern.



  1. Loved this post today !!!! Love Jack !!!!

  2. What a fun story to go with a fun rug. LOVE IT :)

  3. so cute I do have him to hook at some point here.

  4. OH no that's adorable! Okay, so you know I'm warped right? So I would find a little gold trinket and tuck it in the crow's bill and watch people eye it and even touch it to see what the crow has since they are so prone to snatching treasures - heehee. (warped and ornery) He turned out so cute. Did you already dye his trousers? They look a tad darker but might just be pix.

  5. Its one of the things that I fell in love with learning to hook. Creative, artistic, freedom.... drawing the vision- story in your mind. A form of meditation and reflection... Journaling with wool. ♡

  6. Loved lil Jacks story and you did a wonderful job creating him. Janice

  7. Your Jack turned out wonderfully...just adore his pants. And, AHEM! I do believe Jack's crow somehow strayed too far from Nod when he was just a fledgling and ended up at the Edge of Nowhere...his father, Poe, who still lives in Nod goes out daily searching for his son, but has not yet been successful in bringing him home. Can you ask Jack what he named his crow so I might comfort Poe and let him know he is safe and content??? ~Robin~

  8. Love it!!! Both story and mat!!,
    Sweet mat ,Saundra!,!

  9. Love the story and the rug. Thanks


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