Thursday, September 17, 2020

New Pattern on my Frame

Recently purchased Merrie October, a design by Lori Brechlin and sold by Spruce Ridge Studios (Kris Miller).  As soon as it arrived I knew what colors the house was going to be.  This photo is misrepresenting the colors as the dark side is purple and the chimney is a textured black.  Yet both give a brownish appearance.
Have no idea why I wanted these colors as these aren't normally me....well the front of the house.  Now I'll work on the merrie haus witch then decide on background.  Couldn't wait to start this.  So if you'll excuse me I've some loops to pull.



  1. Wow - and look how much you have done so far. Purple is the color associated with witchcraft :-) so is perfect.
    (Purple is also the color associated with royalty, but historically the 2 mingled quite closely.)

  2. I have admired that patter for some time. Looks like you will do your usual amazing job.

  3. Have fun! Cannot wait to see the finish. Janice

  4. You are a hooking maniac!!!
    Lookin' good.

  5. in coastal new England the front of the home is usually painted while the sides and back are left to "weather" due to Yankee frugality. Now it is considered "charming" by outsiders. So just look at your saltbox being from new England where Lori is from...and you're right on target!
    Anything goes for a Halloween design!!!

  6. Love the colours and am wondering what in the world will you use for your background?! Looking forward to seeing!

  7. Loving it,Saundra!,!
    Just got mine out to display,,,that I punched ,,,,love it so much,,,it was the first punch needle club of the month I got from lori!!
    I have the hooked pattern of the witch flying over the houses,,,to do ,,,and another witch riding a pig or something!
    Should be starting these for Fall!!!
    Have fun,,,,,

  8. Love this pattern too ! I punched it , but really like it hooked . Can't wait to see your progress !!! Sandi Lucero is hooking this too ! Fun to see the colors your both use !!! Have Fun !!!

  9. SQUEALL~~~ Glad you stuck with this as "next on your frame." Just love this pattern...and loving your color choices so far! ~Robin~


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