Friday, September 25, 2020


I'd planned to have Merrie October (Lori Brechlin design) finished by now.  But it has been 3 days since my last blog post so gave up trying and decided to post my progress anyway.

Am very pleased with my background.  Someone asked me after my previous blog post what I'd planned for the background.  This is a piece of wool I've had for a few years and never seemed right until now.  And it is a perfect color and wool for this design and this holiday. 
Still undecided what color to do the leaves on the climber vines; first thought was to have various fall colors.  But maybe that introduces too many colors.  Tucked away in my cranium am remembering a class with Kris Miller when she said usually she hooks lighter value leaves at the top and darker at the bottom.  Hmm, maybe I should use light and dark green colors being used on the ground in those leaves.

FYI, the colors used for the climbing vines, Haus witch's hat and waist I used a piece of wool Kris picked out for me last September at Cape May.  I needed something for the flowers at the curved bottom of Oh Glorious Day but didn't want colors to overpower the rest of the design.  Kris and I went on a walking tour for wool from other teachers since she didn't think what she had left would work.  

So you will know where it was used in Oh Glorious Day here is the finished photo.  If you look between the green hill and the darker area at the bottom you will see shades of purple.  That is from the same piece of wool.
Haven't heard contrary about the November rug camp so guess it is still a 'go'?.  Have been in contact with a few of the attendees and we're all figuring out how we plan to navigate the class scenario.  

All I know is that the over 6 months of being hunkered down and being non-social isn't healthy either.  I am planning to attend rug camp, will follow health regulations and plan to continue living LIFE as best I can.

Happy Hooking ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  
Saundra ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


  1. Wow!! I am really loving Merrie October!!! And, yes....I think I would like green leaves in lighter/darker hues. That purple is perfect in both rugs......but oh, my!!! That chicken!!!! How did you do that??? Higgly Piggly??? Or is it just the wool??? Hope your camp is a go... Our governor extended a mandatory mask order through November 21st. :-( Doesn't seem to be helping "flatten the curve" here though in any fact, cases have increased since it was first implemented months ago. LOVE the hat LOL. ~Robin~

  2. There is something very pleasing in the simplicity of it (Merry Oct). I like that background- good choice. And yay! A rug camp. Enjoy!!! Our annual girls time- quilt show would be next month- cancelled 😕

  3. Wow,,,,a rug camp!! That's great,,,,
    Your mat looking so so so good!!
    Love my little punched version!!
    Almost done!!!

  4. Hi Saundra,
    LOVE Merrie October!! The background color is perfect and you always make great color choices!!! Oh, I hope your camp will still be held as soooo many have cancelled!!! We were supposed to have a rug workshop here and it was cancelled and hope to be rescheduled for next year!! Yes, this has been going on for so long and I think we all need to feel like we are really living again!!!
    Take care and enjoy your weekend!
    Heart Hugs~
    Julie xo

  5. You sure are cranking out the hooked pieces!!!
    Fingers crossed that rug camp won't be cancelled. Remember...just call the camp a protest and all will be well.
    Love your hat!!!

  6. very nice! I do hope you get to go to your camp it would surely give me hope for next year.

  7. Love your colors. I hope you get to go in Nov

  8. The leaves...which are very small are a place to add colors that will warm up the rug. Think of nature and what she produces on the limbs of her own creation. Think a "spark" to add to the overall effect...a deep purple or a very dulled down teal. Each would enhance the colors from the with and the house. Also remember that a dull blue moon can't help as well.


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