Tuesday, August 24, 2021


I'm finally catching up with binding and labeling my rugs which have piled up going back to the last one hooked in 2020.  Yeah, way back then so am way overdue but you know I hate binding.  Below is a view of the back with labels.
And a view of the rugs flipped over to see the front.
Oops, I see that Over the moon's lower edge isn't quite laying flat because you can see the foundation.  But I'm not taking another photo. 
Today at 5 p.m. I'll pour myself a glass of wine and begin whipping the edge of The Thin Blue Line.  I'll only be able to work an hour or so then will set it aside until tomorrow at 5 p.m.  After this one is done it will be time to bind the rug on my frame now and I'll be caught up.

Frankly I probably wouldn't be catching up on the labels and binding now were it not for the fact I want to take some of them for the Cape May rug show (IF it truly does take place this year).

Happy hooking everyone.


  1. I just sat down at the computer for my tea break and saw that you've been busy with binding and labelling all your latest rugs. They all look great. Do you keep tract of how many rugs you've hooked thus far?

    Hugs, Julia

  2. You are on a Roll !!! Your rugs look great ! I made labels for everything I hooked last year , but some how only 3 of them have been sewn on ! LOL !!!
    I sure hope your rug camp will happen !!!

  3. I sure hope you get to Cape May I have just a few more weeks before we go to Star yahoo.

  4. All wonderful!
    Fingers crossed Cape May will be a go. Hoping my September camp will be a go, too.

  5. Looking good! As you know, I actually enjoy binding-- it can be fun to try different techniques to keep me interested in the rug til the very end.

  6. You’ve gotten a lot done. Now you can come catch up on minešŸ¤£ Good luck with Cape May. Cross stitchers just had a big three day event in Arizona. A rare mask in site on photos. Hope they all fare well. And hope you can make Cape May. I am doubtful about out guild hook in and class in October. Will this ever end?

  7. Soon as it gets a bit cooler I will be doing the binding on my rugs.
    Who did that rug with the dog and the moon? That is such a cute rug.
    Have a lovely week.

  8. I have yet to make a single label for any rug or mat I've hooked....I've gotten as far as ordering the printer fabric and that's it. Oh well....by the time I finish enough rugs to complete an entire page of labels, I'll have forgotten plumb about it. I still really love your Ox Farm...and Over the Moon... I finally picked up the thread I need to start binding "13 Stars," but I'm doing the wool edging sewn on vs. the whipped edge which I enjoy doing. ~Robin~


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