Monday, August 30, 2021

ONLY Happy News Here Tonight

While I am aware of international and hurricane news I'd like to put our mindset on something more calming.  Most recent is an email that Cape May rug camp will actually happen!!!!!!!  Thank you Linda Woodbury and Cyndi Stinson who are the co-directors of the wonderful event which has been confirmed via email today.

Going back in time....the last Anniversary year Norma and Linda provided each guest with a basic foundation and just a sheep drawn.  We were  provided that so each of us could create our own design.  I was in the second week of camp but started posting my progress on my blog WAY before rug camp.  You can read about my journey HERE.

This was my design.  While I cannot give an explanation as to why a sheep was at the shore line I can give testimony that wool happens in Cape May just two block away!!
Oh Happy Days that I'll be at Cape May again this year!!!!!!

It's time for an update on Magdalena's Rooster, Duck and Horse rug.  Yeah I'm almost done and truly thought about waiting until the final corner was hooked before showing it.  But at least I know it will be finished in time for Cape May.
Other good news is that humidity and temperatures will soon be dropping.  Yeah, there's that stuff going on in the ocean but it is a natural phenomenon which occurs annually to change the seasons.  Some I don't like but am looking forward to long sleeve weather 😏

Find something you enjoy, like knitting, hooking, applique, etc. and focus on the positive.  Whatever you enjoy as your 'go to happy place' good for you.



  1. I am finding it hard to find anything happy at the moment ;-(
    Happy that Cape May is going to happen and I love your MBE rug!

  2. Yay! You're almost finished that rug. Either the time is going fast or you're a quick hooker or both. It's looking great.

    I've been up to my neck in harvesting and pickling and have had my nose to the grind lately and haven't had any time for creating works of art like you. I've been giving veggies away. My house has been neglected and I'm getting my first visit on Wednesday. Nothing like getting visitors on short notice to get energized. lol. I do love it when someone come to visit me.

    Take care and keep safe.
    Hugs, Julia

  3. Well yay for Cape May! I know how you've been looking forward to it. Your MBE rug seems to hook itself...I agree with Julia...either time is flying, you're a fast hooker or, most likely, both. Looking good. ~Robin~

  4. Great news!!!!your mat looking so so so good,,,love it!!!
    The humidity just gone here,,,and been so darn hot,,,,I hated it!!we don't have air conditioning,,,,,it was awful,,,,

  5. Good news on Cape May. Hope you will be safe and stay well. That rug has barely gotten in the frame and now you are finishing!! I, too, will be happy for long sleeve weather!!

  6. Wahoo! You get to go to rug camp. The orbs have missed you :-) Eat much, be merry and have way too much fun. Holler if you need an alibi (heehee).

  7. Awesome news Cape May is happening !!!! I Love what Lady Locust wrote !!! LOL !!
    Love you little Sheep by the Sea & your MBE rug looks Wonderful !!! I too look forward to wearing long sleeves & not sweating & getting chewed alive by mosquitoes !!!


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