Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Magdalena's Rooster, Duck, Horse Design

It has been a while since I hooked a Magdalena design and it feels SO good to hook one again.  Yet there are more which I've not hooked as she was a prolific designer and hooker.

Hooking antique adaptations is a great way to use up those leftover wool strips and particularly the ones you think are an odd color.  But they fit right in on an antique adaptation because they used what was available.  This is my small accomplishment so far but do have an excuse.
Other than just life getting in the way....yesterday I drew and shipped my design "Mache Jacks" to someone who is in a class in 9 days.  Today I drew and shipped a larger size Ox Farm pattern to someone in Michigan.  Thank you to both gals who ordered and hope you enjoy hooking them.

Good evening and happy crafting to all my followers.



  1. Loving UR Mat!!! Wow,,,Coming along so good,,,
    Have fun,,,

  2. You keep that hook shiny with all the hooking and your drawing pen busy with drawing patterns. I'm curious on how you draw and enlarge your patterns. Do you have an app to do that on the computer? Your Magdalena is looking good.


  3. Yes they are all lovely patterns. I am using my worms too. That was why I wanted to do Magdalena's Goat.
    I am dyeing wool today though. Such a nice thing to do.
    I really love your rugs. I hope you have a wonderful day.

  4. You are getting pretty busy with drawing patterns good for you! My poor hook I need to get back at it but I have been busy with gardening and working.

  5. Curious who you sent the pattern to in Michigan since I live here. I am still working on my animal cracker rug and have not pulled a loop since May. I love your antique version of rugs. Janice


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