Thursday, August 26, 2021

Present and Future Plans

Presently I'm whipping the edge of the Thin Blue Line rug and nearing the end of hooking Magdalena's Rooster, Duck and Horse rug.  But in 23 days and a wake-up I'll be on my way to Cape May 🙏.  

Which means I've got to choose something for my frame next to take me to that place.  One idea is hooking a geometric using selvage edges I  continue to save.  That would be something which could be an on-and-off project at will, until....  

Here are a few hit and miss geometrics I've saved in my "inspirations" file over the years.  This is a rug with great colors from a photo borrowed from Kelley Belfast's stagnant blog.  Just checked the date on my flash drive and it is from 2017.  OMG Kelley I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!
This one below took a lot of concentration me thinks.  It is a Scrappy rug 17.5 x 33 and hooked by Linda Brockheim.
Here is a very cool worm rug hooked by Pamala Gunn.  Good planning as it isn't boring or repetitive and makes the eye move around and enjoy all there is to see.  Pam is the queen of primitive who I aspire to be. 
A hit a miss rug I borrowed from Ali's Blog a few years ago and don't know who hooked it.  A tad more colorful than would work in my house but the design would work IF hooked in my color palate.
Friend Lauren (Rugs and Pugs) drew this long runner using her worms in a hit and miss.  Think she has finished the rug but don't have a photo of it in my file.
Am sure there are other hit and miss rugs I've missed in my quick search so forgive me if I've missed anyone.  AND, if my readers would like to send me photos of their hit and miss rugs I'd LOVE to save and share a photo at some time.

Another idea for my frame is drawing this antique horse rug which I've been avoiding.  I love it but as you can see the photo is askew and IF you've ever tried to do an accurate drawing of a rug like that is exhausting.  So by the time I drew the master pattern, then drew the pattern on linen for Lisa I felt as though I'd already hooked the damn thing.  Yet this beauty still haunts me.
Happy Hooking everyone.  We all need our diversion from reality at the moment and what is better than being creative with hooking a rug?



  1. Well, the horse and GT's hit-n-miss are hands' down favorites. When I last was there, my friend was all but finished with her horse rug so I am sure it's done by now...and it is fantastic. ~Robin~

  2. I can see why reproducing this horse rug would take so long. I've seen Lauren large hit and miss on her blog. She put it at the front door if I' remember well. She did a fantastic job on it.

    Hugs, Julia

  3. Hit or miss rugs are fun ....I have my Grandmother's I should show you ...its rolled up and hiding right now , but I plan on hanging it on the wall someday .
    Pamala Gunn's rug is beautiful !

  4. Love hit and miss mats,,,, Did a large one,,,and have done smaller ones,,,and ways enjoy them,,,
    Great Pics,,


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