Thursday, August 19, 2021

Magdalena's Rooster, Duck and Horse Update

While I'm anxious to get this pattern hooked and bound before Cape May I'll be sad to see it off the frame as I truly enjoy replicating Magdalena's designs.  And other than my planned camp project I have no idea (yet) what will be on my frame next.  After all I will need something to work on before Bev gets to me in class.
Don't forget that USPS will increase their shipping and postage stamps beginning in 10 days.  I've ordered and received my bolt of linen and someone has placed an order for a pattern which I'll draw tomorrow and ship before the increase takes affect.  So if there is wool you want to order or patterns from your favorite vendor I'd suggest you request it now so they can get it shipped to you with today's price.

This is something not rug hooking related but something I'd like to share ~ my new favorite yogurt.  For years I've purchased  Chobani non-fat Greek yogurt on the far right.  I put a couple dollops on my oatmeal in the morning and in the afternoon use it with some fruit, a little honey and cinnamon.  

But the other day I noticed the Chobani Zero Sugar Vanilla in the grocery store and decided to give it a try.  OMG!!!!!  Not only is it 20 calories lower per serving than the non-fat but was better than any ice-cream I've ever had.  Check it out next time you go to the grocery store.  My Walmart doesn't carry it but found it in the Food Lion.  
It has been a feast of information on Barbara Merry and I've even more photos to share at some point but will tuck that away for another time.

Don't know about you readers but I'm struggling to keep a sense of calm in this turbulent time.  I pray for peace, for safety, for our military and police who serve now and served in the past.  Right now and most importantly I think prayers are needed for those Americans and other civilians still in Afghanistan.  God Bless America and God please come to the aide of our upside down flying flag.
For those of you who may not know flying the flag upside down is not a sign of disrespect but a signal of dire distress.  You can read about proper Flag etiquette HERE.

Happy hooking.



  1. You are going to town on this rug and looks fabulous! OMG I cannot believe our president pulled out our troops before getting everyone out safe. Now the bad guys have possible hostages, arms and rare minerals in which the Chinese are now assisting on helping them mine. I cannot fathom what will happen next. I pray for all those still stuck there, including my cousin's son. We have no clue if he is safe or not. Janice

  2. Your rug is looking really great.
    The blinking fool has left the country in a mess and it's going to get worst everywhere as things escalate. I really feel for all the Americans and foreigners who are still in Afghanistan. It's just a matter of time before all hell breaks loose.

    God help us all.

    The yogurt sound yummy.
    Hugs, Julia

  3. Your rug is coming wonderful! I am not a huge yogurt fan but I may try it.

  4. Your rug looks great ! there is just so much sad news ...I fear for my Grandchildren and how the world will be for them ...we haven't learned from past mistakes . I'm not a fan of yogurt either , but my daughter is , will pass this on to her .

  5. Your rug is coming along nicely. Hope Cape May doesn’t get canceled. Our hospitals and ICUs are full of unvaccinated 40-50 yr old covid patients, many of whom are dying. This country…such a mess. I am praying.

  6. Looks amazing ,,,and great timing,,,,
    Never heard of the yogurt,,,,Maybe not here in Canada,,yet,,,,

  7. Displaying the flag is serious business and always should be done with the proper care and I agree, with what is going on right now, that you are right about displaying the flag upside down. It's not a sign of disrespect according to the rules when used as you described.

  8. You are really making tracks on your Magdalena rug...looks great. I have a pattern and some wool in a basket at the foot of my's been waiting for well over a month now...just can't seem to make it jump on my frame...even stitching is becoming a "sometime sport" these days. Sigh. My favorite yogurt is Oui...but it isn't the plain stuff... I used to eat Chobani....and I liked it..may give this a try. God bless our country...and help us all. ~Robin~


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