Saturday, August 21, 2021

Rug Show of Oldies

I've turned off the news because I'm sick of the feeling of doom.  So today I'm showing my favorite thing....old rugs. I've had the photo of this early rug with blues and dark background in my files since 2017 so guess it is about time I post it.  Sorry I don't know the actual date or size of rug.
This rug below reminds me that I still want to hook a Sunflower mat.  A House with oversize sunflower and hit and miss border is endearing.  Again have no dimensions or estimated date of hooking.
A very naïve design of Chicks with a center of more color resembling a quilt pattern.  The rug measures 30 x 35 circa 1880.
Hit and Miss geometric which looks way different hooked this way than the one I hooked (shown below this one).  This antique measures 38 x 42 and was hooked in the 1900s.
Here is mine with the same shape grid but doesn't even look like the same design.  What a difference the direction and shape of hooking makes.
A Central Bird with Flowers and Squirrels for the border.  
From New England and hooked 1920 is a hooked Cottage; I always think of this style hooked rug as a Gnome home 😊.  Speaking of Gnomes, I've noticed for many months a series of rug hooking patterns of Gnomes and wonder if that is the new 'craze'.  It wouldn't be my choice of a pattern to hook but we all have different interests and tastes.
A very well used 
Noah's Ark rug from Levittown, PA was hooked between 1900-20.  It measures 26 x 36.
A vintage Show Horse rug with no date, dimensions or location of origin; and of course I like it.
Another very worn and need of washing is the Whaling Ship and 3 whales.  It was hooked late 19th century but I have no dimensions.
However, I do have a photo of the back for more accurate color of an unsoiled front.
Happy dreary cloudy Saturday but at least it isn't raining here today....yet.  Have had several days and/or evenings of rain with more to come in the next couple days.  Hope Henri doesn't do much harm to you in its wake.

Happy Hooking.


  1. Another fun rug show ! Pretty amazing how you hooked the geometric vs the old one , I Love yours ! The back side of the whaling ship , yikes !!! Doesn't look anything like the front ! The Noah's Ark is something we may need after Henri hits us here in New England !!!

  2. there are a few i like in this group! Always a great show.

  3. So sick of the news myself. So love these old rugs! TFS Janice

  4. The news is depressing so we seldom turn the TV on anymore.

    Wow! What a difference the back is from the front on that whaling ship and whales. It definitely need a good cleaning. It's a wonder the moths haven't eaten it. Maybe it's not made of wool.

    Hugs, Julia

  5. Loved alot of these Mats,,,!!!love the gnome house!!!
    And the geometries,,,,Thanks so much,,,,

  6. Hard not to feel the doom. I don't watch the news, but what little I read is so depressing. They are blaming Trump...but Trump had a plan and he NEVER would have pulled out leaving Americans and our Afghan friends behind.
    Love that whaling ship rug.

  7. OOOO....that first rug is gorgeous! But I feel an Oriental influence?? My favorite, though, is the whaling rug (surprise, surprise). We finally are into some "summery" weather here in least during the day...When the sun goes down, though, brrr!!! I'm running for the sweats. We had a few drops of rain on Friday night, but otherwise have had a dry week (or has it been 2 already??) Almost dried out from the monsoons. ~Robin~

  8. Oh, I do love that first rug. Those appear to be fern fronds to me. The horse is a close second. And I have always loved that scrappy rug of yours. I definitely have a thing for geometrics.


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