Saturday, August 7, 2021

Well, It's Something....

There isn't a lot more accomplished since the last post but at least a little something to show.  I'd planned/hoped to get the rooster fully hooked but it's been 3 days since my last post so took a picture anyway.  Besides, today's drawing a pattern to sell is better than a little pleasurable hooking. 😉
The dimensions of my pattern measures 25 x 29 and those animals are plenty big enough for me.  Haven't decided on what color to choose for the horse yet.  The duck and rooster I've stayed sorta close to Magdalena's original but the horse in the original is also a light/white so not sure that's what I want.  Maybe something a little different....a textured grey?  Will see where my channeling Magdalena leads me.  

Here is a picture of the original Magdalena rug and was the only photo available at the time of it's discovery.  Perhaps one day the location of the rug will avail itself to a better photograph.
Enjoy your weekend, today has been rainy but tomorrow will be sunshine and time for my weeds to grow and require another lawn mowing time.  Happy Hooking.



  1. Your Magdalena is looking good. The original looks like it's hooked with a narrow cut but I'm not sure. I learned on the narrow cut and it's pretty much what I was hooking with except the cat hooking kit that was gifted to me by Sweet Lauren ages ago. That hooked up so fast as compared to narrow cuts. It seems so long since I last hooked.
    I've got too many interests for my own good it seems and my time is gobbled up before the days end.

    Hope you get some sunshine tomorrow,

  2. You get a heck of a lot more accomplished being slow than I do being quick. I did manage to drag a teeny, tiny, hooking project out, but there it sits in a basket by my chair. Too busy chasing squirrels I guess. Your Magdalena is looking are a faithful reproducer.... ~Robin~

  3. I just love these old rugs and how your adaption of them turn out. Janice

  4. This is looking great ! We have so many mosquitoes from all the rain last month, even with bug juice all over , I get bitten alive !!! So the weeds will win & the flowers wont get deadheaded ....

  5. You are selling many patterns lately. you!


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