Monday, September 13, 2021

A Reprieve From my Hooked Rugs

There were more rugs and smaller mats hooked during this year and all have been bound.  But thought I'd give you a break to show the other pattern I drew.  You saw the small Sunflower Mat and want to finish it so will concentrate on it the next couple days.  

Finally decided to hook a design I named Lisa's Horse since she is the one who asked me to draw it for her.  As previously stated, at first I was gung-ho to hook it too but after struggling to draw a straight pattern from a photo taken at an angle just wasn't ready.

This will be the pattern I work on before Bev gets to me at camp so am taking a critical look to see if I want to change values anywhere.  After all, the antique is rather faded so the key will be value change.

Not so sure I like the background between the hind leg and tail.  Or perhaps a very thin dark line behind the back leg to separate would do the job.
How about that...a short, sweet and to the point blog post 😁.  

Today was an abnormally hot and humid day and will be the same tomorrow.  Thank goodness got the grass cut and can concentrate on getting ready for camp.  Just 5 days and a wake up before I head to Cape May.  Won't start packing the suitcase until Thursday or Friday after checking a 10-day weather report for Cape May.

Happy hooking and hope all of you at Cape May this week are having a terrific time.  Hope someone will post photos of Wednesday's rug show on Facebook or send them to me.



  1. Great start!!! You are ready!!!
    Cape May here she comes,,,,
    Excited for you,,,,

  2. I was here before but got interrupted before I could leave a comment. Someone needed my help.
    That's a good start on your horse. I'm looking forward at seeing its progress. I would leave the tweaking of the horse rear-end for the end.

    Before you know it, you'll be on your way to Cape May and I can see the big grin as you lock the door behind you for your rug hooking adventure. I hope the weather cooperate for your trip.
    Hugs, Julia

  3. Small world. That is the rug I will be starting next week in Cathy Stephan's class. My class doesn't start until Monday, so I still have 5+ days to!

  4. I love, love, LOVE Cathy's rendition of the rug...especially after seeing it in person. I'd love to say I want to do it, but it is far too ambitious for me at this point. Heck...pulling one loop is pretty dang ambitious. Pleasant dreams of your soon-to-be get-away. ~Robin~

  5. Love how your horse is coming along !!! Can't wait to see how you fill in the back ground !
    Happy packing !!!!

  6. Pulling any loops is a struggle right now. Have been under the weather a bit. Will enjoy seeing how you hook this background. Janice


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