Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Rugs Hooked so far in 2021

These are the rugs hooked so far this year.  Well of course the first one would be the White Horse and Scrolls antique adaptation ~ sure do love horses.  If interested I'll draw this whatever size you want.
After finishing the horse I offered a textile challenge to anyone who wished to join me.  The Tattered Tulip was chosen as my project like most all the other participants.  If you are a new reader of the blog you can read more about our adventure HERE.  We were also featured in the August/September issue of ATHA Magazine.
Initially my  plans were to hook this Patriotic Shied using something other than wool.  But stopped in my tracks and chose the tulip instead as it was smaller and decided to hook the Shield with soft wool.
Next on the frame was another antique adaptation Black Tailed Jackrabbits.
Then another small project to put on the wall near my hooking spot ~ Potted Plant antique adaptation.  
Sadly many of our Police Officers have died in the line of duty but some have been killed just because they were law enforcement.  Yet those are the people that IF you were in fear for your life you would want to come to your aid.  I was saddened by each and every news report of such events.  But when Cpl. Keith Heacook from a neighboring town was murdered viciously, that is when I drew out The Thin Blue Line flag.
Something more uplifting was chosen next ~  a Ben profile memorial.  I hung it on the wall over his ashes as soon at it was bound.  He is  hooked mostly in #8.5 with some other sizes as needed.
Patsy Becker's Jewel Basket was the 8th pattern on my frame and the second time I hooked it.  First pattern was purchased the year I took a class from Patsy, but a couple years ago purchased another from Wool and Goods who carries her designs.  I did tweak just a smidge.
More recently I designed and hooked Ox Farm; it will go to Cape May with me.
And finally, all hooked and bound Magdalena's Rooster, Duck and Horse will travel with me to Cape May as well.
I've shown you all the rugs which have been hooked since September 2019 when I last attended Cape May so now need to cull the number down to a realistic number to take.  So far I've got the number to 13.  I believe there was a year when I took 10 rugs and they were all in the show but don't know if I'll be that lucky this year.  If not I'll need to make a cut before the show opens to the public.

Meanwhile, I'm still working on the small Sunflower Duo and Lisa's Grey Horse.

Happy hooking.



  1. What would we have done if we didn't know how to hook thru the Covid shut down ???? Love all your rugs !!!!!

  2. You’ve done some amazing work!!! I still haven’t received my copy of that Atha and I’m eager to read your article.The magazines from the US take forever to get here, I may not renew.

  3. You certainly have kept busy rug hooking in 2021. That hook must be wearing thin by now. My is still like new, lol...
    The horse with scroll looks very elegant and so is Ben. So far you've hooked over a rug a month and there's still 3 more months to go.
    Hugs, Julia

  4. really are one heck of a hooking machine... I'd forgotten about several of these until I saw them again. Not that you're asking for our opinions on favorites, you're getting mine anyways: Ox Farm (of course!), Ben's Memorial rug, Jewel Basket, and White Horse w/ Scrolls. Happy packing ! ~Robin~

  5. Hard to choose a favorite, though I do love florals, and your two are delightful in totally different ways. Have fun at Cape May.


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