Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Sneak Peek of the Small One

On a previous post I stated two new patterns had been drawn ~ a small one and another larger one to work on before Bev gets to me in class.  I've started hooking the small one, which I named Sunflower Duo.
I thought about adding a leaf or two but didn't want to detract from the colors of the flowers; I like the simplicity of the design.  Plans are to hang it with a limb at the top, place it on my front door to welcome Fall.  

However, will put this aside temporarily and cut some wool to work on the other rug and get it started before camp.  There's only 9 days and a wake up then I'll be living the good life at Cape May and sharing time with my rug hooking pals at Rugs by the Sea.

Happy hooking everyone.



  1. Looks like fall to me a great piece for the door


  2. Will be so pretty & love your idea how to hang it !!!!

  3. That is a sweet pattern. I love the black background and it will make a nice fall accent for your front door, especially with a branch as hanger.

    The first hooked rug I saw was my grandmother's rug when I was about 8 years old I think. I remember it was a floral of assorted colors with a black background. I was too naive to inquire how it was made then but many, many years later my curiosity peaked and I took a basic rug hooking course to find out. I remember how I enjoyed hooking my first designed rug.


  4. What a sweet flower rug and perfect for autumn and your door! Great idea on hanging it too. Janice

  5. You are really starting to give me an inferiority complex.
    Leaving at 7am tomorrow for the 2 day hook in, and no, I am not yet packed. The story of my life!!!

  6. Sweet rug Saundra. Absolutely loving the colors. Not excited are we??? ;-)

  7. That will look great on your Fall door.


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