Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Cape May 2021 Rug Show #3

The Cape May rug show must go on......My House Sampler was hooked by Beth Hartman.
For you colorful geometric lovers there are a few for your enjoyment as well.  First is the Multi-Geometric hooked by Marsha Moyer-Payne.
The blue and white Log Cabin with Tongues was hooked by Cyndi Stinson and a design by Norma Batastini.
On the left top is a geometric named Vermont Shell and hooked by Alex Mathiasen.  To the right of that are two of my Magdalena rugs.  The other rugs below will be seen later.
Below are a few other rug designs drawn by Norma and hooked by others.  I like that antique looking flower with scrolls myself.
Cyndi Stinson also hooked Daniel, another design by Norma.
Another geometric design by Norma and hooked by Roberta Olah.
Just one more for you geometric lovers.....Ohio Star  hooked by Marsha Moyer-Payne.
And while I don't really consider this next one a geometric even tho it has blocks of different colors, it is because there is a horse in the center.  Notice that orb to the top left of this rug.  This is the only orb I encountered this trip.  But then I didn't go orb  hunting this time.
I've hooked this same rug in the original colors and with the original 1909 date.  Here is my rendition and the rug I use in the winter in front of my fireplace.
Another design by Norma Batastini called Hen Pecked and hooked by Fern Strong.  Nice looking turkeys!
Beth Hartman hooked Over the moon.
Patriotic Bear was hooked by April Leas.
The pumpkin design below was hooked by Linda Woodbury and a design by Norma.
Deb Nees hooked the Pear Tree design below.
Sally Raub hooked Pebbles below.  Some might call it Cats Paw.
Porter's Pig is a design by Norma and Hooked by Kathleen Bauer.  I love how she hooked the body of the pig with the soft grey and pink swirls
Good heavens, I thought I was close to posting all the photos but see there are still enough left for yet another blog post.  I'm sure you all don't mind seeing another show and it is a relief for me to stop for the evening.



  1. As I said before, some amazing hookers out there. Not a fan of the geometric, but that blocked horse is a keeper for me. Janice

  2. I really like the design of the first rug. It's so well balanced and folksy. The colors are also lovely. I'm not a fan of bright colors unless they are natural colors of something in a pictorial or flowers.
    I also like the angel and the pear tree but my favorite is the cats paws or pebbles. I love the colors and I'm amazed at how neat and straight is the whipped border on this rug. Of course I clicked several times to enlarge the pictures and it's the next best thing to seeing them in person.

    Although my style of hooking is different I can appreciate the beauty and the work that has gone into all these rugs.

    Thanks for show #3.

  3. Wow that was a large retreat you went to! that is a lot of rugs. some really great ones in there.

  4. Many nice rugs. Was this show in honor/memory of Norma?
    My favorites of these were both by her…pumpkins and tge floral with scrolls. One of my favorite rugs that I have hooked was by her. …a geometric runner gifted to my daughter for her farmhouse table. I like your rendition of the horse rug best, though the other is quite nice.

  5. Always interesting to see everyone's unique tastes and styles. I think I don't quite fit in with these although I so like the floral w/ scrolls....and the Ohio Star geometric (altho the colors are a bit too vivid for my primitive soul). Quite the variety! ~Robin~

  6. Those turkeys are great! And only 1 orb? Well, humph!


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