Monday, September 27, 2021

Cape May 2021 Rug Show cont'd.

There were many wonderful rugs in the show and I'll start with Deb's Gossip rug ~ a design by Bill Laraway and sold by Woolley Fox.  Deb started hooking this pattern a few years ago, put it away and recently finished it.  This is the original design.  
Deb accidently purchased the pattern twice and I was the lucky recipient with her extra pattern, which I hooked 2017.  But I took a little license and tweaked it to draw birds I see in my yard.
Both Great Horned Owl rugs below were designed and hooked by Bev Conway.  This first one was very impressive and my favorite of the two.

A grouping of three hooked pieces; my favorite is, of course that gorgeous lion hooked by Christine Waldrop.
The Snowmen pattern named "Here's Looking at You" was hooked by April Leas.
Magbis Vizcaino-Green hooked the pattern below which I believe is an antique adaptation.   
There are slight similarities to the antique below.
As well as this one.
The Horse and Rabbits rug is by Lucille Festa and an antique adaptation.

Below is the Christmas themed section.  Oh no....less than 3  months away until that season.
The 4-point stars rug was hooked by Alex Mathiasen.
Wonky Americana by Maureen Berndt.
On the floor is a corner of Magdalena's Great-granddaughter's Rug, on the table is Kay's Sheep hooked by Dee Rosebrock.
Another Lucille Festa rug called Kent Road Basket, another stunner.  
An antique adaptation drawn by Norma Batastini which she named Lollipop Tree; it was hooked by Fern Strong.
I also drew Magdalena's Lollipop Bouquet and hooked it in Magdalena's style back in 2013.
A grouping of rugs placed on a wicker lounge.
Sharon Townsend hooked the Mississippi Memories and bet it is an original design. 
A mola design by Norma and hooked by Felicia Mennin
And as you might expect there ARE more rugs to show so I'm not done yet.  Think I'll sit and pull a few loops on the one I started at camp.



  1. The yellow house design is N9T an antique adaptation.

  2. Certainly a lot of different styles and tastes displayed there... I think I am developing a predilection for Lucille Festa's rugs. ~Robin~

  3. My favorite one is the Gossip #2. I like your colors and feathers better.
    I find that the multi colored leaves or feathers overpower the the design in the first one. Your birds look like the birds I have in my own backyard.

    Thanks for taking the trouble to photograph all these rugs. Looking forward to seeing more in your next post.

    Hugs, Julia

  4. It is always so inspiring to see others works. Great show of talent in that group

  5. Love that Kent Road Basket. And Bev’s rugs are great. Love the background on her second one.

  6. Lots of beauties out there,,,
    Thanks for taking great Pics,

  7. Just amazing rugs! Thanks for sharing all of the talent. Janice


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