Sunday, September 19, 2021

Wake Up Day is HERE

Leaving this morning for the 11:15 ferry to Cape May.  
Destination: The Chalfonte Hotel.
Will arrive too early for check-in as  there was a wedding scheduled there this weekend.  So first thing I'll do is walk those few short blocks to the shopping area and see what bargains are still there are.

Then will head back to the Chalfonte and let the party begin.  Later in the day and after a glass of wine I might just be dancing on the table tops ~ just kidding Linda 😊.
Unless the China Virus shutdown put a kink in the schedule I'm thinking next year will be an anniversary year; guess we will find out during mealtime when announcements are made. 

Happy hooking and catch you on the flip/flop.



  1. Have fun Saundra. Looking forward to what you'll have to share.

    Hugs, Julia

  2. Have a Super Great time & think you should dance on the table after a few glasses of wine !!!! Enjoy every minute !!!!

  3. Oh have a wonderful time! Hurray!! I’m happy for you

  4. Hope you have a wonderful time! Can't wait to hear (or see) all about it!

  5. Maybe dance on the table BEFORE the wine??? (Just saying...) ~et~

  6. Have so much fun!!!!
    Enjoy it,,,and have a great week,,,,,away and change of scenery,,,,

  7. Have a great time!!! I know you will show lots of pictures!!

  8. Hope you have a safe journey and SO MUCH FUN!!!

  9. Hope you are having fun. I love ferry rides. Janice


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