Friday, September 3, 2021

Even More Barbara E. Merry Rugs

Thought maybe the BEM well had dried up but much to my surprise a friend of Anne's sent photos of Barbara Merry rugs she owns.  This one is another Washer Woman rug, of which Anne indicated there were several.
Anne's friend also owns this 2 Rooster rug which I adore.
Also a blog friend sent pictures of an article about Barbara which was in a 1986 issue of Country Home magazine.  It might be difficult to read since it was a copy of an article.

The rug on this first page is one I hadn't seen before and appears to be quite large.
This is a closer view of the rug above which seems to be a seasonal rug.
Below and in the top picture is a large rug which you will see in the second picture in better detail.  It is obviously quite large too; I love her border.
Here is a closer look at the Gathering Sap rug which is displayed on the lawn chair.
Likewise, a closer look at the village rug just below the Gathering Sap.
I haven't seen the top rug in the page below and I'm guess it is a shirred rug as is the rug below that.
Below and top photo I haven't seen before either so there is still hope that one day I'll get better pictures of these rugs.  And another Washer Woman hooked rug.
There are still some paintings of Barbara's I've not shown yet and will do that at another time.  

Yesterday I made a big pot of Minestrone soup and it was delicious.  Had it for lunch today.  Guess what will be my lunch tomorrow... and I've more so will also freeze some.   Wonderful weather and hope everyone has a safe and happy Labor Day weekend.  



  1. All I can say is WOWZA! I love them all. What a talented gal.
    Thank you for sharing with us ~

  2. Its been a bit chilly in the evenings now with the leaves on certain trees starting to turn colors. The gathering of sap rug is my favorite. What a talented hooker she was. Janice

  3. She surly was a prolific rug hooker and has her own style. Like many rug hookers of her time, they hooked rugs about their everyday life.
    It's history in pictorial.

    I was able to read the article with ease when I clicked on the picture and then enlarged it again.

    Take care and enjoy the cooler temperatures.

    Hugs, Julia

  4. Great historical rugs... My favorite is the last one. Do you know what it says on the bottom border of the rug below the Gathering Sap rug? I can't make it out... Today was cold, rainy and miserable with a wicked wind coming off the lake .... I thought of making soup as well, but didn't have the fixings...and no inclination to go into town to the store. ~Robin~

  5. Such wonderful information on her. WE are quite chilly and soup has entered my mind more than once.

  6. Nice article which is easily read by clicking on the photo and then enlarging. She must have had a large body of work. Is she still living?

  7. Fun to see this post !!! Love her Chicken Rug too !
    Minestrone soup sounds even better today ! It's Sunday when I read this & it has been raining all day ...again !


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