Thursday, September 30, 2021

Cape May 2021 Rug Show #4

In the photo below is an antique adaptation pattern by Lucille Festa which she named Rupert Rose and my hooked antique adaptation of White Horse and Scrolls below that.
I also hooked the flower antique adaptation as seen in the Kopp book Rugs Underfoot and I named my adaptation Radiant Flower.  When I've hooked the same design as someone else I like to share my version too so you can see color variations.
The standing Rabbit and Turney rug were hooked by Marsha Moyer-Payne. 
Below is a grouping of Norma designs and if you tap on the photo it will enlarge to show who hooked it.
Just look at these portraits hooked by Capri Boyle Jones....AWESOME!!!!!
As promised, here is the rug designed and hooked by Katie Kriner of The Bee and The Bear.
Also, FYI, Katie has a booklet coming out which I believe must include some of the designs which appear on the table.
Southport Basket below is a pattern offered and hooked by Lucille Festa of American Country Rugs.
Christine Waldrop hooked Starry Night.
Bev Conway designed the Tulips and Pineapple rug below but sadly my photo cut off the name of the hooker.
The handsome turkey below was hooked by Marsha Moyer-Payne.
The duck all decked out is named Unbuttoned and was hooked by April Leas.
Sadly I didn't capture the name of designer or hooker for this water scene.  It sure was an undertaking for the hooker with all the detail.  Notice the barely noticeable people on the beach.
Betty Ann Brittingham hooked this naive whale named Willy.
Wonky Americana was hooked by Maureen Berndt; no name listed as the designer.  I like the soft Americana colors.
ven after this final post of finished rugs there is still the 'throw-down' of rugs being hooked in class coming up.  So don't worry, it's not over yet 😄.  And you will eventually get to see the one I worked on in class.



  1. I was here earlier this morning sipping on my coffee but was too pressed for time to leave a comment. I'm really impressed with the portraits. It's not easy to hook all the nuances of highlights and shadows. Capri did a great job.

    The first rug reminds me of a crayon coloring and I must admit that I like yours the best with the toned down colors and style. Again, I'm not a critic of antique rug as I'm more used to the style I learned from. I don't even know my own style, lol...
    I like the Bee and the Bear and the starry night. Thanks again for show #4.

    I wonder how you managed getting any hooking done with taking all these great photos.
    Hugs, Julia

  2. It sure becomes evident of characters and styles - I like the Marsha 'rugs' :-) Of course all of these are awe-inspiring to me.

  3. Those portrait rugs are remarkable. I've always been impressed by anyone who tackles them and even more who do them well like these. Several favorites here...I hesitate to call them out as I will likely miss a few in the naming process...but I really like Southport Basket, the Katie Kriner rug, Willy the Whale, and Starry Night. That Christmas duck is pretty stinking cute too LOL!! ~Robin~

  4. wow those portrait rugs are amazing and the amount of rugs is amazing. That is a big rug camp!

  5. Thanks so much for posting all the great rugs. I am so far behind in blog reading...argh.
    In that first photo, I never would have guessed that rug was the antique adaptation you had hooked. Thanks for showing yours. Since I am not a bright pastel kind of gal, I MUCH prefer yours!

  6. Christmas duck made me giggle. I love that simple design of the white flowers and leaves. So prim perfect for me! Janice

  7. Wow !!! My fav is Southport Basket ....that pattern is on my to do list !


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