Monday, July 18, 2022


Months after hooking and binding these two rugs I've finally hung them on the wall.  Normally I'd be holding these until the rug show at Cape May but since that camp is not part of my September plans decided to put them on the wall.  Top rug is Magdalena's Bird Dog, below that is an antique adaptation I named Lisa's Horse since Lisa was the one who first requested I draw it for her.

My home is beginning to look like a hooked rug museum ~ that's fine with me so my work can be enjoyed every day instead of being rolled up and tucked away.  Uh, but there are still quite a few of those around here too.  
The rugs are to the right of where I sit and hook, notice the OTT light in the foreground.  In case you are wondering, I've posted how I hang rugs previously and you can read about it HERE.

Yeah, I know, I said this post would be an update on Cottage and Apple Tree but I just want to keep hooking on it.  Mary (the Comstock rug) keeps calling my name but am pretending not to hear her.

Happy hot as hades Monday and happy hooking.


  1. You are pretending not to hear Mary Comstock rug ....LOL !!! Too Funny !!!

    Your rugs look just beautiful together ! It's easy to turn your house into a Museum of your beautiful hooking projects !!! It's easy to do & you should enjoy seeing them !!!

  2. Next you'll need to hang a sign thats says, "Saundra's Museum of Primitive rugs".
    The two rugs are perfect companions for each other. You are unstoppable.
    Mary Comstock knows you're ignoring you and pretty soon, she be haunting you in dreams.
    Stay cool.
    It's hot and humid here too and it's not even noon yet.

  3. What a perfect pairing of rugs. I have plaster walls, so much more difficult to hang things!

  4. Love that u hang them,,,,I love to see them!!!

  5. I had them hanging in my other house everywhere. I guess when I moved I wanted a change, so the poor things are all rolled up. I am getting braver though and will hang them soon. I love Lisa's horse. That is such a great rug. I know when a rug keeps coming to my mind, it won't be long before its on my frame. So nice to see the work of your hands.

  6. Happy Monday MD...Hot as that H place here too, so, humid you can't breathe. I should be trying to water but Snowdog and I are hiding inside instead. Those 2 rugs couldn't be more perfect together - size-wise, color-wise, style-wise, otherwise and everything-wise. Just LOVE them. Believe it or not I have one...yes, ONE...rug only hanging on my walls here. It gets rotated from time to time, but just one. Just no wall space. Sigh. ~Robin~ (TheCrankyCrow)

  7. Very pretty♡ my cork wall in my rug hooking room is due to be redone. It is warmer than we have had but bearable.

  8. I would definitely have these on my wall too! The colors are wonderful! And, your design! Wow!

  9. 😂 That cracks me up. I'm pretending not to hear the dishes in the sink. Hey, You are Genius! I like how this works 😉


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