Sunday, July 24, 2022


Even tho it is hot and humid outside thought I'd dye up a little wool for my next project.  No you didn't miss seeing what that next project is because I haven't shown you yet.  There are a few more loops to pull on Cottage and Apple Tree and before starting the next one will force myself to pull Mary out of hiding and pull a few loops on that.  Which might be very few loops me thinks.  But have no fear you'll find out soon enough what will be on the frame next.
As luck would have it there was still a little mixture of "Midnight Run" from Tonya Robey's dye book and also some mixture left of "Olde Patina" from the Beautiful Wool dye book.  Used less tablespoons of Olde Patina as I didn't want this as dark as I've done before.

The rug in the foreground is an antique adaptation and one I hooked of an Early Farm Scene back in 2019.

Diane recently sent me a photo of a rug I drew for her named "Rainbow Petals".  So want to share it with you as it looks wonderful.  It is also an antique adaptation.  
Happy hooking.



  1. I am tired of staying inside with this heat & humidity ..... this better end soon !!!

    Diane's Rainbow Petals is beautiful !!!!

    Hope we get some good rain & cooler weather this week !!!

  2. As long as you're not dy'n of heat... lol. I would dye wool outside in the shade in this heat. I love that Early Farm Scene. It almost looks like a child's design.
    Diane did a great job on that Rainbow Petals rug.

    Stay cool and I hope all your turtles will forgive you for taking down your (their) pond.

    Hugs, Julia

  3. Diane's rug is absolutely fantastic!! Like Julia said, glad you're dyeing, not dying LOL. We had 2 days of the stickies last week and tomorrow our high is supposed to be only 72º...and low 70's for highs all week. Lows in the 40's. What the heck? A few days of summer and poof, gone? ~Robin~ (TheCrankyCrow)

  4. I always enjoy looking at anyone's rugs which have been completed. Have fun with your dye pots. Janice

  5. Your colors are gorgeous. What a talent you have for designing these "old" rugs.

  6. Have fun,,,,,but not the heat,,,,
    Diane mat is great!!!
    Thanks for showing us the sweet mat on UR table,,,,
    You are living in a hooked rug museum!!!!

  7. I am going to be dyeing this week. Its too hot to be outside, so I have rugs to start thinking about for fall, and I thought it might be a nice time to dye some wool. I love that rug you are working on. That is so great. I also like Rainbow Petals. Lovely rugs. Happy Monday!

  8. Trying to play blog catchup and now my desktop is giving me more fits than usual!
    I am loving Diane's Rainbow Petals! I don't think I have ever seen that rug.
    By now, Cottage and Apple Tree is probably done. Looking forward to seeing what is next on the frame.
    Yes, you definitely need a Turtle Crossing sign!!!

  9. i love both the rugs you showed, so inspiring. cant wait to see what your planning next! i have a tote of wool and supplies here under my working table in the den. so as soon as the temps cool down a bit i may take a day and dye. thank you for your input on my hooking question. i will have to put an updated picture. i find its nice to have a few narrower noodles on hand or just cut down a noodle when i need to. its working much better..
    enjoy the rest of your week!


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