Saturday, July 16, 2022


Remember my mentioning seeing a melanistic black squirrel under the bird feeders?  Well now there are two but I've been unsuccessful capturing a photo of both of them together.  Even less successful is getting a photo of two black squirrels and a grey/brown squirrel in the same picture.  But below is a photo of one black and one brown/grey so you can see there is quite a difference.  So eventually there will be more black squirrels in my neighborhood.
In the spring I showed you a male Eastern Box Turtle which was mentioned HERE.  After that day he never reappeared again.  However, yesterday as I was looking out the window my eye came upon a turtle returning to my yard.  Of course I had to go see if it was the male from spring.  BTW, I  hate those gumballs!
So I gently turned the turtle over to discover it is a female.  Don't get your knickers in a twist because I put her back in the same spot and in the direction she was headed.  Me thinks she is going to lay her eggs in my yard as many turtles have done in the past and I've had to be careful when walking or cutting grass.
Was also going to show you progress on Cottage and Apple Tree but will save that for another day.  Haven't put Comstock on the frame since last posted.

Do any of you watch the History channel?  If so do you watch "Skinwalker Ranch"?   During the show I can barely pull a loop because my eyes are staring at the TV screen.  Sometimes I even rewind a segment to make sure what I thought I'd seen really happened.  The last two episodes have been 'out of this world' and there is only one more episode left for this year dang it.

Happy hooking.



  1. No i do not watch it but did look it up. Fin to watch the titles hatch.

  2. You are at par with Robin, she, with watching nervously baby-sitting baby birds and you with the turtle and the possibility of having baby turtles in your yard, not speaking of black squirrels and bunny families too. lol. There's a lot of information online as to what turtles needs. I hope that she finds her mate and that you'll have plenty of little one next year.

    I've checked out some videos on Skinwalker Ranch but I've never watched an episode on TV. I rarely turn the TV on lately.

    Enjoy the day.
    Hugs, Julia

  3. I used to make garlands years ago for my friends catalog with those gumballs !
    Haven't heard of that show either....
    Keep cool this week , it is supposed to be Hot & Humid all week ...UGH

  4. It's hot here and hot there, so now I am wondering in what part of the country you live. Maybe I'll find out when I go looking further into your blog. We have rabbits living under the garden shed. They nibble things, but are so very cute.

  5. You must have an interesting flora habitat for it to be so very attractive to turtles. I can count on 1 finger how many turtles have ventured into our yard...and it was a stinky snapping turtle. And we have a creek that flows through at the edge of our property. I forgot to look up that show and if there is only 1 episode left, it doesn't pay now I guess. ~Robin~ (TheCrankyCrow)

  6. We have turtles who lay eggs in our yard too. I use my gumballs in Autumn displays. I also sell them at the store when I can find them. We have gray squirrels here, but my mom has the black ones. Janice

  7. Wow!!!wildlife right on UR doorstep,,,,!!!
    Love it,,,,
    Have heard of the show,,,,but never seen it ,,,,

  8. I just have brown squirrels. Lots and lots of them. No turtles in my little yard, but was happy to see a frog the other day. Deer...if you want any I'd be happy to send them to Delaware. Damn giant rats.

  9. We only have plain squirrels, no black ones. There are some in a town near us though. Also no turtles in our yard even though there's a creek down the hill, but it would be quite a feat to get up the steep bank on our side.
    I watch Skinwalker Ranch, it's very interesting. Such odd things happen when they dig or bring in the fancy electronics, rockets or fly around in helicopters or airplanes. I wonder what's under that triangle area, the mesa, or the old homestead that seem to be trigger spots. And what's hanging around over the triangle that deflects some things like rockets or absorbs others like laser lights.


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