Friday, July 8, 2022

Update on Cottage and Apple Tree

Really wanted to hook more on it but last blog post was Wednesday so thought you deserved another since it's Friday 🍷.  
In addition to horses I love rabbits.  There is an adult rabbit or have been adult rabbits who find the space under my back deck their birthing place.  I've even encountered a mother rabbit beating the hell out of a snake who came too close to entering the side of the deck as she wrestled it in the vinca minor (periwinkle).  

Didn't get a video of that because I wanted to stand watch and run to her rescue if she needed it.  But the scene is imbedded in my brain.  I never thought a rabbit would tangle with a snake but guess a mama rabbit is like a mother bear and will defend her young at all costs.

Now there are a couple baby bunnies who I've tried to capture a picture of and was unsuccessful until just a few minutes ago.  And of course the wee ones which would fit comfortably in the palm of one hand have grown in the last couple weeks.
This is the same bunny and for some reason the color of the grass looks different but same day same camera, just a little closer.
Interesting thing is when putting up the bird feeders in the morning or taking them down in the evening I see the rabbit.   And I will whisper "it's okay, it's okay baby bunny" and it stays right there; as if it knows I won't harm it.  But I'm afraid the hawks will learn of it's habits and won't have a bunny any longer.    Yesterday I did see a baby in the front yard not sure if it was the sibling or this one so hopefully the bunny is getting wiser and moving location more.
So maybe, just maybe this is a female she will have her babies under my deck too.  
Happy Hooking and happy Friday.  And now for the forecast...


  1. Its a gorgeous rug and it looks wonderful. Your baby bunnies are so cute. I hope you have a lovely weekend.

  2. You're making more progress than me. I finally put my needle down and fit Welcome Cats back on my frame....and just stared at it....for hours. Why is mojo so hard to conjure?? Bunny babies are so stinking cute...I have a batch around here now that Snowdog can't move as quick. And the "cute factor" fades dramatically when I see the damage to my plants. 😩 That forecast looks perfectly delightful to me. ~Robin~ (TheCrankyCrow)

  3. You are moving along quite nicely with your rug. A little wine make loop pulling a little smoother.

    I know bunnies are cute but they eat everything in site and they multiply fast. I'm glad that you are enjoying them. They can stay at your place, hehe.

    Hugs, Julia

  4. Another rug half done. I am so jealous!!! Looks absolutely wonderful.
    I am sure Julia would be happy to send you bunnies...but they would probably need to be Covid tested before crossing the border...LOL!

  5. Wow!!!love UR progress on UR Mat,,,love ,,,LOVE!,,!
    Sweet bunnies,,,,!!!alot here,,,

  6. I think I would be hard to stop hooking on this gorgeous rug. I am loving the colors. Those little bunnies do grow up fast. The ones that live under my garden shed just wears Millie out with their speedy zig-zag getaways. They have eaten up every succulent in my garden.

  7. So glad that snake did not bet the babies. I think one got my chipmunk as I only see one now. I fate snakes. Love your cottage rug. Looking good! Janice


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