Friday, July 1, 2022

Misc. Chit Chat

Good grief!  July 1st today and halfway through the year.  It will be Independence Day on Monday ~ hard to believe this year has gone by so fast.  I keep a list by year on what rugs are hooked and the first one finished in 2022 was Winter Buddies designed by Cindy Lindgren and sold by W.Cushing.  
So far this year I've completed 4 rugs/mats and presently working on 2 alternately.  Am always thinking ahead on what will be my next project but am not panicked yet since I've two in progress.

Have received the new ATHA magazine and it is full of great rug photos ~ patriotic rugs and designs by ATHA's advertisers hooked by others.
A true confession...I no longer get my roots dyed.  Decided I've earned the right to my grey hair and letting it grow out.  Well, partly that but also with stock market volatility, food costs and gas prices figured it was a waste of money which could be better used for necessities and not frivolous vanity.  Also don't drive to the store to pick up just one item I want now, instead wait until there is a descent list of needful things.

A neighbor dropped by the other day around noon and when she came in the house she said..."don't you believe in lights?"  Because I didn't have a light on in the two rooms she could see (living room and kitchen).  I could see just fine and when I hook there is an OTT light overhead, which was turned off.  It wasn't as if it was midnight and needed lights to navigate in the room.  I told her it wasn't necessary and it was to keep my electric bill down.  Must admit even before this inflation situation I would shut off the lights when walking out of a room.  Out of curiosity have you made any changes to your lifestyle?

Am still happily hooking on Cottage and Apple Tree and reluctantly working of Mary Comstock.  Happy hooking, stitching, or knitting to others out there keeping their sense of calm with their hobbies.



  1. I enjoy the rug hooking content here a great deal, thank you. The political comments, even when thinly veiled, not so much. I only mention this because I'd love to feel welcome here.

  2. I only go to the store if I need something & try to get all my errands done in one day . No clothes shopping ....I try to walk everyday , it is my Happy place walking ....We try to only buy items that are on sale ....
    Rug hooking or needle punching give me a lot of joy and visiting your blog !!!

  3. Still love your "Winter Buddies"....that background wool is so perfect for evoking a winter sky. Yeah, I have to get to mine one of these days...right after Welcome Cats, Simple Santa, a couple binding projects, and...and.... Wowza on that patriotic rug. Just incredible. Oh yeah...I have an eagle rug I meant to get to too....Maybe next year. ~Robin~ (TheCrankyCrow)

  4. I stopped coloring my hair when we all got shut down. It is freeing and saves a ton of money. I watch the food ads and buy when on sale. I keep lists of food needs and errands that need to be done. I unplug the tvs when done with them for the night. and of course, lights are off when not using. We do not watch tv all day we turn it on after we have dinner (that is our usual routine). I watch the leftovers to make sure they do not go to waste. We used to go out once a week for dinner not anymore.
    Sheets go on the line to dry. I am worried about this winter when I really should not be we have plenty of wood, but we still use heating oil. I take my coffee to work and pack a lunch every work day. And I have a very small garden.
    I am very thankful for rug hooking and all my crafts and the amazing people I keep in touch with trough my blog and through my craft.

  5. Nice patriotic rug on the ATHA cover. Like you, I'm pretty thrifty and I don't spend any money on myself unless I need to. I think twice before I buy and ask myself, is this a need or a want. I'm getting less worldly as time goes on.

    I don't buy rug patterns and design my own. I'm a kind of do-it-yourselfer.

    I don't buy pre package food unless very necessary and usually cook from scratch. I preserve food in the freezer, in canning jars and I also dehydrate apples and herb
    I watch for bargains and stock up on food and items I use. I stopped buying magazines and rarely watch TV. I've never spent a cent on dying my hair, I no longer wear makeup since Covid.

    I planted more vegetables and much less flowers this year.

    It's pouring rain right now and I no longer hear the fireworks for the first of July, Canada Day.
    I have another big funeral reception to work at tomorrow morning so I better get to bed.


  6. Well, hopefully I will get my Winter Buddies hooked this fall ;-)
    George Washington crossing the Delaware ~ I was fortunate to have a class with Tricia Travis when she was hooking hers. I am just in total awe.
    For many years now I have used store bought hair dye...and DSO applies it for me. His technique is so bad, but it always comes out ok.
    Overall I am pretty frugal. I have cut back on most antique purchases, partly financial and partly because I just have too darn much. My only real splurge is on hooking related things. Wool is a big downfall and I do enjoy classes, though no pricey camps are in my future. We are definitely in a world of hurt...and we cannot blame Putin!!! It's too bad people have to be "anonymous" when they want to criticize.

  7. I forgot to mention ...
    I will be heading north to Julia's when the food shortages are here. With all her canning, freezing, drying...I'm sure she'll have enough to feed this hooker ;-)

    1. Hahaha, Lauren I haven't started my canning yet, and you would be welcome my dear friend. As long as the deers and the groundhogs don't eat it all the veggies first, I'll gladly would feed you.

      I usually revisit blogs just to read comments but today I was at the church from 8:00am to 6:00pm. We had a double funeral to attend and had to help with the reception and cleanup and after that we had a mass so I didn't had time. Thanks to Saundra who sent me over her to see your comment. lol.
      Hugs, Julia

  8. Hello Saundra, Happy July! I love your Winter Buddies! It turned out lovely. Oh gosh, my body solved coloring my hair for me. I got allergic to all hair dye. So I am just me in my hair color. I am so glad I don't have to worry about it anymore. I try to do like you do, I just go to the grocery store when we are out of food. A new gas tax came into law yesterday which raises our gas up another 11 cents. I am pretty much resigned to it unless I move to someplace else. I do worry about my kids and grandkids. I love your blog. No matter what you share. ;) Have a lovely 4th of July. I enjoy seeing all of your projects.

  9. Can't believe it Either! July!!
    Wow ,,,where has time Gone!
    I am hooking abit and getting together once a week with hooking friends,,,,
    Have lots of wool and yarn,and patterns to hook,,,!
    I do buy sock yarns,,,I am addicted,,,,
    Mostly supporting my local yarn shop,,where I join other knitters once a week,,,
    Don't buy clothes,unless at thrift shops,,,
    We only shop once a week now,,and hardly ever eat out,except for coffee,,,
    Happy weekend,,,
    4th of July,,,,

  10. So love this patriotic rug and all of the detail! I go grocery shopping every 5 weeks. I make out my meal plans and buy accordingly. I dont like to leave lights on and turn off what I can. I also dont dye my hair either. Janice


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