Saturday, July 30, 2022

Cottage and Apple Tree

It's finished all but the whipped edge and I'm working on that task a little at a time.  There are only few things I have a two-step process on; one is doing that pre-binding stitching all the way around the design even before pulling the first loop.  And the other is rolling the foundation forward and running a basting stitch all the way around before whipping.  Oh, and I love those little clips;  they're very handy and they come in different sizes.   Purchased mine from Minnesota Fabrics but am pretty sure you could order them from Amazon.

Yeah, Robin I can hear you mumbling something like....'no wonder you hate binding you're doing it twice'.  But I find it easier to control the edge.
Although this design and the colors were out of my box it was a most enjoyable piece to hook.  The dimensions are 22 x30 and hooked mostly with #8.5 with a few #8 and the thin outlines were inherited narrow cut strips which I'm glad I saved.  Amazing how many times I've gone to that bag in search of certain colors.  However last year at Cape May I gave a bunch of strips to a friend in colors I do not like and she used them in a purse she was hooking.

Lovely day here today with less humidity, thank goodness.  Think I'll even walk to the mailbox instead of riding my bike.  Happy Saturday.



  1. Looks fabulous and so nice to have a break from the heat

  2. Looks pretty wonderful! I gave up whipping just not my thing. Now what is going on the frame?

  3. What a wonderful rug Saundra. You are the antique-look master.

  4. 🤣🤣🤣 You are so right....but heck Mummy D, you have a great memory LOL. It turned out wonderful...I really like that background. I didn't really notice it until this photo of it finished. And great choice on the whipping wool color. Makes everything pop. ~Robin~ (TheCrankyCrow)

  5. Love this !!!! So pretty & prim !!!
    I have to try your technique of rolling the edge & then whipping it ....I stitch a 1/4" away from the border of the design then another 1/4" away from that , then cut away the linen & leave a bout 3/4" and whip that to the back . then I use old wool to bind it .....Will you whip your edges with wool yarn ?
    It's been nice here too , but Heat & Humidity will come back this week ...UGH

  6. Late to the party,,,,
    Not getting the notice in my email anymore,,,,
    Love ,love ur mat,,,
    Well done,,,
    Powerful storms here ,,,right now,,,,,
    Not Nice,,,
    More Humid again,,,
    Elaine🏡🏡🏡Take care,,,

  7. I love this rug. Whose pattern is it please?


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