Sunday, July 3, 2022

Holiday Weekend at the Cottage, etc.

That would be this cottage.  Pulled a few more loops on Cottage and Apple Tree and had high hopes with low results.  But isn't that what Lauren and I always complain about?  At least the cottage is fully hooked.
The front door was drawn and hooked straight.  The tilt is an optical illusion with the downward slant with the apple at the base of the tree and edge of house.  That is how the original antique was, I thought it a hoot that an apple would roll downhill past the house and so it was drawn in my pattern.  

Worked on the thorny vines near that tree stump again this morning until the project had to come to a stop.  This is what was achieved.  Yeah doesn't look like much but it took some time digging, pulling and time to yank those bloody roots out.
All was going great until I went for the last clump which had grown into the side of the tree and this happened.  See that bent prong?  I tried to hammer it down in place.  Even put the wayward prong in a vice and tried bending it.  But will need to rely on my favorite neighbor to get it back in shape for me so I can finish off the bleeding thorny vine.
This is what is left and once that SOB is pulled out I'll spray the hell of the area around the stump!!!!!!
Plans for tomorrow will be to play with wool again and not sure what else.  Weather permitting may cut grass.  But since life and time seems to be fast-forwarding for all of us I suggest we enjoy every day like it's our last.

Happy Hooking.



  1. I'm really liking this rug. You got a fair amount done.
    I had to laugh at the bent prong. Woman, you don't know your own strength, lol...
    I can tell this vine is not going to win.

    Sunday is my day of rest but I managed to bake a rhubarb pie and pull some loops for about 20 minutes. Tomorrow is grocery day and I'll be working outside since is supposed to shower Tuesday and Wednesday. I've never seen anything like it. 😢
    Hugs, Julia

  2. Yeah, you and Lauren are a bunch of whiners. I avoid that problem by not hooking at all. I think you made quite a bit of progress. Love the apple detail. I didn't even notice that on the original. No plans here will be quiet (well, as quiet as it can be with thunderstorms and/or fireworks). I really will be missing the lake. ~Robin~

    1. Robin I beg to differ....Lauren and I are 'winers'. We enjoy a good wine now and again. LOL

    2. You girls are too funny for your own good. Once a hooker, your're a hooker for life. To wine or drink the wine, is what hookers do to keep their sanity in this crazy world. There, I said it.
      Now enjoy the 4th with a little bit of all of the above.

      Happy 4th of July🇺🇸
      Hugs, Julia

  3. Love this pattern you are hooking ! Love the apple rolling by the house !
    You & Lauren are too funny !!! We need Wine everyday !!!

  4. Oh what a stump - and with friends! Am loving the cottage. I too like the slant. It works and as you hook think it will become even more endearing.

  5. What a beast of a root. UGH on it wreaking havoc on your tool. Hopefully you will get it out soon and be done with it. Janice


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