Thursday, July 28, 2022

Time To RANT !

At least I managed to get a few loops hooked in before pulling some out and high frustration level of needing to rant.  Will show comparisons so you can understand my frustration better.  Here is a photo of the original Mary Comstock rug which is featured in the Kopp book.   Look down the center of the design ~ at the top is a bloom with a grid, the next gold/beige motif is where that bloom and leaves go into.  Below that the right and left stems join into the center of the bottom motif with a grid.
I've already redrawn and hooked my revisions of some leaves.  So compare the antique to the drawing below. 
On the pattern there is the top bloom but no middle motif drawn, only bulbous leaves.  So I drew and started to hook a middle motif.  Then realized if I did would have to eliminate two leaves, one on each side on the stems.  

The drawing with black Sharpie from the person who redesigned a good rug also didn't draw the right and left stems going into the middle of the bottom motif.  So in red Sharpie I redirected it.  That's when I knew this had to go back in the bag.  Perhaps the pattern and wool will have a longer wait out of my sight than the last pause.  

Yes the pattern is smaller.  I've reduced the size of patterns for myself before but still follow the original lines of the design.  Okay, time for me to get happier and work on my new project...drawn by me!!!!!!!!  And drawn smaller but like the antique not my vision of how I believe it should be.  Why change a perfect design?

Okay, happy hooking...that's about to happen for me as soon as I walk away from the computer.



  1. Now I see why you are so frustrated too .... there isn't enough room for those details that make the design.....
    Hope your New project will be lots of Fun to hook after this one drove you crazy ....
    sorry this happened to you ....

  2. I can see your point. It almost looks like punishment working on this project and a waste of good wool, time and energy.
    I sure hope that the new design will make you a happy hooker.

    It was supposed to rain today but nope, not this time. Not good for gardening but excellent for haying.

    Enjoy your new rug.

  3. I know we have co-commiserated about antique adaptations that "stray" from the original but I just now noticed that our two "adaptations" were done by the same person. 🙈 That tells you all you need to know, no? In any event, your expert eye caught the discrepancies much sooner than I did. And it looks like you've corrected most of the most garish of the errors so don't let it sit in darkness too long. When you pull it out next it will be a breeze. 🤞 ~Robin~ (TheCrankyCrow)

  4. Ok now I know there is something in the air. I sympathize with your grievance I really do. So sorry you are feeling that way. And facebook is loaded with grievances tonight! I think we need to sage the world to change the air.

  5. I know you will bring it back out and finish and it will be a great rug! Janice

  6. Ugh! I've gotten to where I no longer purchase other people patterns for this very reason. I least if I make my own and don't like it, I am only upset with myself. Put it in timeout and do something fun. Hope you're staying cool or dry or . . .

  7. I confess, that middle motif... I keep waffling if it is 2 tan-ish leaves or not on the original. What does stand out clearly to me is the differences in the vase(?) - the spikey top and the side scallops are totally different. And those leaves on the 2 branches seem to be rather heavy or lumpy compared to the original. I can see why you're disappointed. The whole thing seems less graceful?

    Question - since this is reduced in size from the original, how much of that lack of gracefulness is due to the size of wool you are using? I'm wondering if maybe using smaller wool (or yarn?) so that was more the same scale as original was done would recapture it? No shade on your hooking! Simply idle pondering, while waiting for the coffee to kick in, from someone who's never hooked a rug.

  8. It is a beautiful rug though. Since I am really a loosy goosy kind of pattern draw-er and hooker, I can see what you are talking about. But I would have never noticed. Which as you are an incredible hooker and pattern seller, I know why that is so important especially in drawing out antique patterns which I may add appreciate so much. Keeping true to the design of the original. But that really is a beautiful pattern either way. I can't wait to see your next pattern you are working on.

  9. I can sense your frustration! Once done, though, it will be always!

  10. Some day you will be proud that you persevered and finished this rug. But, I am sorry it is stressing you so much; hooking should be enjoyed.


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