Saturday, October 17, 2015

Take A Look at IT Now

By IT would be Nantucket Broom Ride.  There have been several changes and some of those changes might be changed yet again.  Below is a picture of what it looked like BEFORE.
A couple things I want you to take notice of are:
     ~the wool used for the whale spout spray
     ~wool used for hat and dress is the same wool
     ~black shoes which needed to be outlined
     ~arms with the multi-colored lines
     ~grey hair on the witch
And this is what it looks like now.  I changed the black shoes to barefoot, the witch is now a beautiful red head (more on that in a few), the hat and dress color has changed as has the wool for the water spout.
The dress and hat wool are different wools and think the lighter colors work better.  Looking at the picture above it appears the black between the arms and without an outline is working okay.  Frankly, I probably didn't even need an outline at all since the colors are noticeably different against the background.

Below is a close up of the new water spout.  When I received my special delivery of wool from a very special friend the water spout was the first thing I changed.  It seemed like an incredibly wonderful idea to use the blue/black/sparkle wool. is almost undetectable even in photos which usually show everything.  So just might go back to original plan but keep some of the sparkle in between the other loops.
Definitely do love my witch being a redhead...hey, who hasn't wanted to be a redhead at least once in their life?  I've wanted to yet never went there.  But will extend her locks a little so it flows along with the scarf flow.  Not too long but a tad longer than the bob she now has.

The back of her hat brim needs to be extended also.  Let me say that I'm loving this rug and it is worth the trouble catering to my whims as the wool and time provides.  Hey, ain't got nuttin but time.

Next post I'll provide pictures of the textured wools which went into the hooking of this rug.  A blogger friend inquired on how to use textured wools which aren't readily available at her thrift shops.  Men's sport coats are a great way to get textured wool.  So stay tuned for the next post.  

Who knows what additional changes will occur on the rug before you see it next.

Enjoy your evening and Sunday.



  1. I'm loving the changes and it's looking good.... I always have difficulty choosing colors to use in my rugs. It seems no matter how many colors I have, I can't seem to have the right shade.


  2. Great new choices but I agree on the spout, hard to see. Maybe add some of that sparkle to the witch?


  3. I enjoy following your thought process.. Thanks for sharing.

  4. You are so close!!!
    Lookin' good.
    What's next or aren't you telling?
    Hugs :)

  5. love your changes! and I would leave the sparkle wool as is ~ that will draw folks in for a closer look!

  6. I really like the changes I think I would change the spout too not sure to what.


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