Thursday, January 28, 2016

Antique Rug Show

Oh how I wish there was an antique store or auction site locally which would offer old hand hooked rugs.  That would be my playground and e would less hooking here as I'd enjoy those hooked by others in days gone by.

Since I'm hooking horse mats a good start to these old rugs would be this one sold by Olde Hope Auctions and was to have been hooked in 1890.
This one below really surprised me when seeing it on the auction site. At first I thought there were 3 rugs.  However the transition of motifs in the hit and miss sections seem to indicate otherwise ~ very interesting. 
It was to have been hooked around 1930. Again, the woman used what she had and guess her prize rooster and hen took precedence.
Below is the Winterthur Hearth rug hooked 1815-25 wool and cotton.  It is beautiful and do you see the horse, either a lion or dog, birds and either stars or constellations?  Love the colors and only wish I knew the complete history of this rug.  
Below is a shirred rug which has an uneven and/or worn oval edge.
This Sparrow rug below was hooked between 1930-50.
Below is a rooster which was to have been made between 1920-1950. Can't tell if it is wool yarn, nylon or other and the info didn't provide that info that I saw.
The dog rug below I've not seen until just recently.  Sadly I've no provenance but you can see it is OLD and worn.
Seems I've neglected my cat people so below is a rug which was documented as being hooked between 1920-30.
In the future, when you design your own rug it should have a label on the back to document it's history so our future people will know the story.  I did that with my son's Man Cave Rug.  Sadly I don't design my own that much since there are so many other designs out there to enjoy ~ particularly those antique rugs.

Hope you all have a great evening and wonder how many followers Google will pull from me tonight.  I think that sucks!!!!!!   Guess I could switch my blog to someone else and drop my gmail.  Will give that a thought.  Am damn glad I don't have any Google stock in my portfolio!!!!




  1. Thanks for the rug show again Saundra. I like the one with the 2 horses the best.

    If you switch to another provider and drop your gmail, then you won't be able to read my blog. It's getting complicated...
    I hope that you won't loose any more.


  2. We'll see what tonight brings....gggrrrr! Darn Google :(
    My favorite is the dog rug.
    Still binding ~ no hooking...sigh.
    Hugs :)

  3. I love looking on the auction sites and the old rugs, sometimes I get lucky and find something new to hook. I do love the second rug, that is fun how she did it like that.


  4. I enjoyed your photos, that second one is odd.

  5. Love looking at these old mats! Thanks so much for the show,,,,, enjoy ur blog and news,,,,

  6. Where do you find all these? Love seeing the old styles of hooking. I think if I lose another follower I'll cry. They are hard to get and then poof - gone

  7. so great all of these rugs. I love the sparrow so simple.

  8. How annoying google is Saundra. I thought I didn't have a gmail address, and was likely one of the ones removed, but I now notice that when my son set up my new computer he opened a gmail account for me. I didn't even know it existed, but at least I'm still a follower. ( he must have known about their policy)

  9. Thank you so much for sharing! You find the most wonderful antiques to give us inspiration. Can't decide which one I like most.


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