Monday, January 11, 2016

Dyeing for the Next Project

That title can be interpreted a couple ways and be right both ways you consider.  I do know what my next project will be but don't have it drawn yet.  There are still two rugs in progress and want to slow down and enjoy that process.  

Anyway, for the un-drawn new project I am planning to dye some wool for it.  Although I have loads of primitive black some is new textured wool and would prefer the wool to have the look of some fading, washed out look.  So am hoping to end up with some mottled blotchy antique black wool for this next project. 

These are a few of the wool pieces I picked out which measures about half a yard in total.  In reading Tonya's comments she said she used 1/4 yard for the recipes so I'll be doubling the recipe.  But I'll mention all of this again on the next post tomorrow.
It has been a while since I've dyed any wool so it will be fun to have a small pot on the stove for a change.  I will be using this booklet by Tonya Robey (Mad Hen Prims) to over dye the wool.  Am thinking of using her recipe for a color she calls Evening Shade.  But hey, you know I'm capable of taking a hard right hand turn or changing my  mind in a flash.  

For her darks Tonya said she dyed all on camel wool.  But wanting a variation thought I'd throw in some other wool.  More than likely that yellow will have a greenish tint to it but that's okay as that is not my favorite piece of wool to hook as is anyway.
Oh, when touching that blue/grey piece it feels there is some polyester in it and cut that piece in half to see if it dyes.  So at the last minute threw in two lighter camel pieces of wool.  The camel from the above picture is the darker piece at the top.  The lighter pieces I introduced are at the bottom.  
Stay tuned tomorrow to see how my wool turns out.  It is always a surprise because color of starter wool used, whether a drought or rainy season makes a difference, as well as whether it be well water or city water.  Oh, and let's not forget the part of the country we are living ~ that also determines the end color.

Have a fantastic evening.  There's certainly a chill in the air compared to what we've been used to here in Delaware.  Winter is here for sure.



  1. I can't wait to see how it comes out, I love mixing wools for one color, and using them for backgrounds.


  2. I can't wait either and wish I was more confident when it came to dying wool. Now did you soak your wool first?

  3. I'm looking forward to see how your wool turns out. I love having wool in the crockpot but I seldom take the time to dye unless i absolutely need some wool.I love dyeing or marrying wool. It's like Christmas every time.

    update on our weather. The weather forecast had us all worrying about slippery roads but they had a chance to dry up today and the roads are dry and bare. Another storm coming though. We are in winter mode...

  4. I need to learn how to dye.

  5. The only time I tried to dye antique black was a disaster. Much more green than black. I look forward to seeing your results!
    Hugs :)

  6. Am hoping you share dye formula, and sequence of events.


  7. fantastic book of formulas...dyeing over a mix of woolens is my favorite...looking forward to seeing your "after" photos...and the new project

  8. I bought that dye book second hand and have never used it (yet). But then, I haven't spent any time in the dye pots for months and months, so that might explain it! LOL Look forward to seeing your results!


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