Thursday, January 7, 2016

Time to Whip It

Today I decided to tip my toes in and test whipping with the red wool. I've whipped the edges of other rugs but always with the knowledge there was plenty of that color wool available.  Since the red wool was a special gift from a friend who has passed and this was the only hank, wanted to be sure there was enough.

Kris Miller and several people assured me there was enough and some left over.  Kris said it takes 12" of yarn to whip a 1" area.
So this morning I measured out a piece of the yarn and marked it with a black Sharpie at a 12" point and decided to try.  After all I didn't want to run out of yarn if my 'roll' was too thick or my whipping was closer than normal thus used up more yarn.
Woohoo, 1" so looks like I'm good.  But then how much would be used up with the 'tacking' or back stitch to secure the end of the yarn??  So now I'll be careful not to be wasteful.

Am taking the bull by the horns and going for it.  In the past I've sometimes used a cord and sometimes not.  Decided to go for the cord this time.  Hopefully, as this wool yarn is special (spun AND dyed by my departed friend Lesley Coveney) I'll have enough to finish then always have a memory of her labor and friendship.  Look how perfect her wool and the scallop border are together.
On Facebook I saw some clips that Nancy Parcels was using and they would be perfect for this project.  Wish they were here for me to use now.  Those red clips are made from Clover and Nancy said she got them at AC Moore.  There may just be a trip to AC Moore for me tomorrow.
This is what I accomplished this afternoon and will continue with this in the morning.  
Meanwhile, tonight...... I'm going to plop an already hooked project on my sit-upon since it is a smaller frame.  Recently went into the 'show' containers and found a cute mat which was hooked a few years ago and didn't sell at a show.  I'd even forgotten it was there.  So now I'm going to give it new life and perhaps even list it on etsy when changed.

Stay tuned to see what this is as the change will be done tonight and you'll see what it is in tomorrow's post.

Be kind to one another folks, we need more positive in the world and hopefully that would be contagious....more kindness and less anger.



  1. More kindness, less anger - I agree...everyone needs grace.
    Using hand spun and dyed fiber from a dear friend will make your rug a treasure !

  2. That is going to be a beautiful finish and a fond memory of a dear friend.
    Hugs :)

  3. It's going to look fantastic with the red yarn and you're honoring the memory of your dear departed friend. Thanks for the tutorial...

    I'm so dense in the head, I didn't quite get your instructions of finishing the edge on your previous post but it all makes sense to me now. I never knew about this edge finish and no binding.

    Lauren, some people are easier to satisfy than others... no binding...

  4. Crossing my fingers that your beautiful, special red yarn will be JUST the right amount to whip this rug! I love those Clover binding clips and have been using them for years. They work for quilting AND rug hooking and I can't imagine being without them now! I think you'll like them too.

  5. Yes, I agree, the red hearts look best.
    A friend recently gave me a few of those clips to try and I do like them. I notice that you are binding from the front. I have not tried that method. I usually wrap the cording on the back side and then use twill tape. I have to give this way a try and see if I like it.


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