Monday, December 5, 2011

Busy Two Days

Yesterday ~ Around 1:30 I took Ben for an extra walk because I was to be at my gal pals' house to celebrate our closely connected birthdays (Karla's is tomorrow and Paula's was end of November). But, even before Ben had done his 'duty' my soon-to-be neighbors and 4 kids stopped their vehicle and said they had something for me. I couldn't understand what the heck it could be. 
But, I said 'okay' and he said he'd meet me at the house. Turned Ben around and everyone is standing on my front porch hiding stuff behind themselves. Then Bob turned around and had a chocolate cake with a candle on it and said "hurry and make your wish". I asked how he knew it was my birthday. Turns out even before he started breaking ground on the house it had come up in conversation and he put it on his Blackberry.
The two girls had drawn birthday cards for me and they brought ice cream, cake, drinks, paper plates, utensils, plastic cups and it was a no muss no fuss party for me; must say that I've not had an ice cream and cake celebration for my birthday since I was 16 and I felt like a kid again.
So after they left I finished the walk with my boy Ben then went to the gals' house where we had French onion soup, crab dip, crackers, wine.  One of the gals commented that it was having a Super Bowl party, birthday celebration and Christmas all in one since we were listening to Christmas music.  So I had a very nice birthday celebration the day before my birthday.
So Today ~ I treated myself to the local Chinese buffet where I enjoyed some baked salmon, rice and various steamed vegetables. YUMMY!!!!!  I do this for myself every birthday.
Coming home I stopped to pick up the mail and Joan, a rug hooker gal sent me some wonderful bird stamps, ink pad and stickers that are very classy and would make great stamping projects... AND a beautiful piece of over dyed wool.
Then if that was not enough, my girlfriend Shari gave me a gift certificate at Heavens to Betsy wool !!!!!!  I'm totally excited about buying more new wool but told Shari she had to come here and help me find a place for it in my room!  OMG does my room need some TLC.  Besides she is WAY overdue with her visit here to hook.

So that has been the last two days and tomorrow I should have at least one present to myself come in the mail ~ hey, we do need to indulge ourselves once in a while, right?

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