Saturday, December 3, 2011

Second Thoughts and Reverse Hooking

Oh my I'm having a dilemma again.  I've already pulled out some of the border and rehooked it in a smaller cut to get the color combinations in there that I wanted.  And am again second guessing what I've hooked in some areas and thinking about pulling out the loops and using something else.  Here is what my sheep looks like as of right this minute.

One area I'm considering changing are the light areas in the sheep, which is supposed to represent an area that either faded or wore thin and had to be replaced.  So I'm thinking about pulling out the light and putting in a piece of wool which is the same as the area hooked to distinguish the two legs.  It is basically the same color as the sheep except has some darker value plaid in it which shows up occasionally when hooked.  So I've taken a picture of that wool and placed it on top of the sheep for you to see.

And then this is the third re-evaluation in the ground color under the teal.  I was going to use a 'dirty muddy' (as Lucille Festa named it) but was concerned it was too close in value and the sheep's feet would become invisible.  Instead I chose a blue with flecks of a golden tan in it.  But now am thinking that it looks kinda weird with the teal line and then dark.  So I have taken a picture of some of that dirty muddy wool so you can see what that would look like.

Still thinking that maybe it should be a color more similar to the teal already hooked, in my wool stash I found two other considerations.  There is a teal texture.

And here is a teal plaid.

So many choices to consider.  But in the meantime I will just hook what I know to continue making progress, let me ponder my options and would love to hear feed back on your thoughts.

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