Sunday, December 11, 2011

Primitive Annie

This slow poke finally finished one of the two dolls I started a few weeks ago ~ slow but finally done.  I think she turned out really cute.  If you saw the before picture you will notice the dress color changed from what I'd originally planned.  There was not enough of that fabric so I purchased another small yellow print with red in it.  Sure wish they had some of the other fabric but, nada.  And I just had an idea.... think I'll make a mini-Annie for her to hold, as in doll size for her.

There is another body sewn with arms and legs stuffed but that's all I've done toward its completion.  Since making dolls, Santas, etc. isn't as much fun as hooking guess I'll hold off making either the other Annie or the mini for a while so I can work on my sheep rug and in a couple weeks will need to give an updated version of the challenge rug so will work on that before the end of the month too.

Alrighty then, back to pulling loops on the sheep rug and watching another movie that has been on my DVR since early October.

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