Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sincerely Jane Challenge Rug

The monthly update pictures are due in a day or two so thought I'd better hustle and pull some loops to make a little progress since the last month's update.  So I finished the last two blocks at the's getting close to completion, yippee. 

Now all I have to do is hook the remaining border triangles, steam and bind it.  I'm quite happy with the softness of the look and colors I chose and extremely happy that I chose a smaller size for the project.  I cannot imagine the work some of the gals have who decided to hook the entire Jane Stickle quilt dimensions.  Whew, that would be quite a task but sure would make quite a statement as a room rug.

For those of you who are just now joining or reading my blog, this challenge originated on the Yahoo Rughookers group and was inspired by the Jane Stickle quilt she made in 1863.  The challenge was just a personal challenge so that we could choose the size rug we wanted and pick any of the square designs we wished to put in our rugs. 

Brenda Papadakis wrote a book called Dear Jane and kept a journal to Jane as she followed Jane Stickle's quilt pieces to replicate the quilt.  Brenda also made those exact pattern designs into precisely shaped 4 1/2" square designs and provided those pattern pieces in the book as well.  Since the book Dear Jane is copyrighted we could not use that name for our challenge, thus calling it the Sincerely Jane challenge.   I chose patterns which could accommodate a #8 strip but used #8.5 for the sashing.  Here is a picture of the book from which I chose the pattern pieces.

You will notice that my border triangles aren't as deep as those on the original quilt.  Since my rug is smaller in size than the quilt I was afraid to make the border triangles deeper would over power the look of the rug itself.

So now I'll put my Frost Sheep back on my frame and work on that for a while.  Soon I'll need to draw out an 8" square design to hook for the Sensational Seasonal Swap which also is hosted by Yahoo Rughookers.  If you are interested in joining please check it out on

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